Gary Vaynerchuk is a Big Omaha staple at this point. This is his third year here. He’s the co-founder of VaynerMedia, founder of Wine Library TV, a best-selling author, and is involved with a number of other projects. Here are my notes, and if you want you can read my notes from his talk last year by clicking here.

  • It’s so ridiculous to go to these social conversations and people talk about engagement, give a one hour presentation, and then leave.
  • What’s the ROI of social media? Why have I been successful? I think about this. I fundamentally think I suck at 99% things in the world. Lot of things I’m not good at. Even in business there are things I’m soft at, yet I continue to be successful.
  • When I first started getting into tech seriously, in ’04 and ’05, the fundamentals of making money were not here.
  • Being an entrepreneur, you can be one anywhere. There’s a dangerous thing going on and I want to kill it here in Omaha. When you raise money, you haven’t won s—. The amount of people cheering thinking they have done something because they raised money in this tech bubble haven’t done a thing. So what if you raise money? What problem are you solving? What are you building?
  • Thanks for the claps but I’m keep rolling because I’m on f—– fire.
  • Even the smart ones and solid ones, every business…how many companies are full of s— when taling about care for end user? The end user pays your bills. The amount of time and resource spent thinking about the end user is laughable by companies.
  • Since beginning of time till 2003, the amount of content there was, everything, everyone around the world, we as human beings, we now recreate every 48 hours.
  • Content is king. In ’08 at Web 2.0, I said “Marketing is queen and runs the household.” One word I’m obsessed with. Context. It’s a word that matters to everyone in this room.
  • People watch tv with one device. How many with two devices? How many with three devices? (You guys are f—– up.)
  • We’re living in the biggest culture shift with marketing in 50 years. We don’t push stuff down people’s throats anymore. It was all about talking. It’s the way marketing has been with tv, radio, print…led to email marketing. Now, marketing scale, marketplace, the reality is not just push. Difference between me talking and the difference talking with people and engaging people.
  • The skill set to have going forward is working the room. Your ears matter more than your mouth.
  • If Zappos is the standard with customer service in 5 years, I’m going to throw up. We need to raise the bar with ourselves.
  • I stand up here as a business. My DNA is not to be Mother Teresa.
  • Customer Service is playing defense. You’re reacting.
  • The amount of content everyone puts out today is staggering, especially comparable to stuff we use to call up people and tell one another.
  • “Tropicana Orange Juice is yummers.” No one is calling up their friend to tell them that, yet they tell everyone on social media. micro communication is powerful
  • Saw a potential customer and that he was a Jay Cutler fan. Saw the data. Bought him an autographed Jay Cutler jersey and sent it to him. Send him something in his context, not our context. Send something that emotionally mattered to him, not us. Hitting his emotional center.
  • Use 2011 techniques, not past techniques.
  • Everyone’s BS radar is better than what marketers think. We know! Where are you going to hide? Completely different culture.
  • I’m scared crapless to drive. Look at 3 other drivers on the way home. Two of them will be texting. People aren’t looking at billboards anymore, they aren’t looking at the f***** road!
  • UX designers are the most important people
  • Getting customers is a very fascinating science. Retention is the game. The article about you, or the money you raised, doesn’t mean a thing. You executing and solving a customer’s problem is going to matter.
  • I’mg going to f—— kill everyone and take their cash.
  • I got relevant because I executed a $60 million business.
  • Not a logo or a haha. No idea what a haha is, but I felt like saying it.
  • This bubble is goind to burst hard and you’ll be working for something else.
  • I work hard and smart, that’s why I’m going to punk your a–.
  • Deal of the Day sites? Use to matter, but now it could be $1,000,000 for $8 email and I donit give a s—. Delete.
  • Ideas. Deal with friends that have ideas. Ideas are s—. Execution is the game. The enxt time someone rolls up and says “They stole my idea”. Punch them in the mouth. Who is executing them matters.
  • Q&A
  • Q: Social media affecting labor relations
  • A: Things are more than transparent than ever. People storm off. F— them. The right thing is the right thing. Everyone wants to hate the man. Sometimes, the people underneath the man are 100% wrong. Employers may retaliate by posting video of you stealing from the company in response to your post about why they suck.
  • I knew what I was bringing to the table, with my dad and his company.
  • I want to work harder, but I’m evolving to enjoy some of it along the way. Donate along the way, not when you made it. Learned that from Scott Harrison last year.
  • Everyone has their own reality. Eat grape nuts cereal…why did I even say that?
  • Friends that make $60,000 a year and happier and better than the multimillionaries. Fight for it. So many different realities and nuances to people’s situations. Everyone’s is different. Know what’s important to you and fight for it.
  • In the bubble business, nothing scares me. A real entrepreneur is scared of losing everything. I thought this before my daughter. Once you grow, the scariest thing is to go back. I don’t process risk really well. Biggest risk was going into dad’s business and not getting credit for it. Now I get too much credit.
  • The hot girl rule. Show what you bring to the table. Don’t just focus on what others bring to the table.
  • I know my audience and I know what they want.
  • In the beginning, over deliver on everything. Don’t try to make money as long as possible. Do enough to pay expenses and live bare bones. F— shoes. don’t wear shoes. Go raw. You’ll have something.
  • Brand equity does matter. If it doesn’t happen with the people that are there, hired guns aren’t going to matter. Focus in on the cupcakes not the sprinkles.
  • Legacy is greater than currency.
  • A real leader builds up everyone around them and challenges them to be better than them.
  • I’m an immigrant! Pay your rent. Still need to be practical
  • I need to do more removing myself. Zen s—.
  • This talk will rip your f—— faces off.

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