With Easter now past, a bit of calm at home and at work. New adventures are on the horizon, though, that I can’t wait to tackle.

Forgive me if I keep alluding to projects/adventures coming soon. I’m looking forward to talking more about them in the coming weeks.

One of our neighbors gave us a rollaway basketball hoop that we have set up in the driveway now. Liam really likes it. With a mini basketball he can make one or two shots out of ten at the lowest height. I get a workout rebounding the basketball and making sure it doesn’t roll into the street.

Speaking of basketball, nice to see the Boston Celtics sweep their opening round series in the NBA Playoffs. Only team to do it. Perhaps a repeat of the 2010 Playoffs when they flipped the switch and went to the Finals.

Speaking of Boston, nice to see the Boston Red Sox on a five game winning streak. They are 8-2 in their last ten games. All of a sudden, their losing streak to open the season seems long ago.

I continue to follow the controversy surrounding Greg Mortenson. The more that comes out about it, the more it looks bad for Greg and Central Asia Institute. This will be tough for his work to recover from. It does add motivation to an idea I’ve wanted to write about, though.

And, with the growing controversy surrounding Ohio State Football Coach Jim Tressel, I wonder if the Ohio State University leaders will actually assert themselves and fulfill their leadership responsibilities. It continues to look bad for Tressel. SI’s Stewart Mandel summed it up well, and ESPN’s Pat Forde leaves no doubt what he thinks the conclusion to this should be.

Looks like I’ll be at the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting again. An interesting event to go to. With the news surrounding David Sokol, and his recent resignation from the Berkshire board, I’ll be interested to hear what Warren Buffett has to say about it. It takes place this Saturday. I’ll write up a report about the event, much like I did last year.

It was not too long ago I topped $50 when paying for fuel. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be too long before I top $60.

I get a lot of joy out of playing Legos with Liam and Duncan. One of the best toys ever.

Once again, great food and conversation from Amsterdam.

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