It’s been two and a half weeks since Gideon was born, and I think things are starting to settle down.

I had taken a week off from work right after the birth. It was great to be home and spend time with the family, especially with Liam and Duncan. When I went back to work, it had been ten days since I was in the office working. My mind was not with what was going on at work. I set up a few meetings with people just to refresh myself with projects I’m working on. I was back to work on a Monday, but it wasn’t till Wednesday where I felt like I knew what was going on.

On the homefront, I think we’re starting to get into a groove with things. (“Groove” seems more appropriate than schedule.) Because of that, I feel I can get back to doing some writing and reading.

Thanks for your continued love, support and prayers. It’s been helpful over the past month.

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