Bible 2012 off-site planning
Some of us brainstorming ideas for the Bible 2012 message series.

In 2012, CCC will be going through the Bible chronologically with its Sunday messages. Yesterday, a number of CCC staff met off-site to do some planning for the series.

Why meet eight months in advance to plan? Like I said, the series will encapsulate the entire year with Sunday mornings. It will be a part of children, student and adult ministries. There will be journals, blogs, video recaps, guest teachers on difficult passages, and more. On top of all that, CCC is in the midst of the Double Your Impact campaign. And, there are all the other ministries, projects…everything else happening.

There was no shortage of ideas, which is good. The issue then becomes are these ideas possible to make happen? How do we execute those ideas? That’s next up.

Some may wonder why even do a series like this. On the fly, we brainstormed over twenty reasons why a series like this is a good idea. Here are a few:

  • generate interest in Bible
  • gives people a plan to read through it if they always wanted but never have
  • provides context for passages
  • relevancy of Old Testament passages
  • unity within church
  • family conversations
  • an entry point for practically anyone
  • increase competency of the Bible
  • see major themes
An example of the flow of the Daily Bible is reading about King David. David is primarily found in 1 & 2 Samuel. In the Daily Bible, though, you’ll also have the psalms, that David wrote, interjected with what’s going on in 1 & 2 Samuel. For instance, pooled together are:
  • 1 Samuel 18-21, Psalm 59
  • 1 Samuel 21-22, Psalm 34, 56, 142, 1 Chronicles 12
  • 1 Samuel 22-24, Psalm 52, 54, 57 63
So, that’s in the works. As a staff team, we’re excited about the project. It’ll be fun to develop.

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