It’s never intentional, but happens easily. Some major catastrophe happens in the world, we are fixated on it for a few days, and then our focus goes to other things. Sometimes we are distracted from these catastrophes by such “news items” as Charlie Sheen’s decline or Michael Jackson’s death. Should celebs get coverage? I guess, but at the expense of BP oil spills, Middle East revolutions and Japan becoming a wasteland? Do I need a week of continuous news on Charlie Sheen or Michael Jackson?

Life goes on as well. Putting aside the stupidity that media covers, because it gets ratings, life goes on for everyone not directly affected by the catastrophe. It’s easy for our attention to wane because we have to deal with things going on in our own lives.

I was thinking about this while reading some news last night. It was about some new footage of the tsunami hitting Japan that was released. I watched it and was reminded how devastated that country is for the foreseeable future. How could I forget? Especially since I wrote about Japan last month? Well, I’ve had a new baby and work projects have taken my attention.

It reminded me to pray for the people of Japan again. Please take some time to do so as well. If you’re looking to give financially, I’ve donated to CAMA Services as they help with the recovery efforts. I think it’s a good organization that will effectively put your dollars to use.

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