It’s taken me awhile, but I feel like I’m starting to get back into the flow with life.

It’s interesting to have grown up in the time I did. I’ve been witness to changes in technology and culture that have been rapid. I can recall buying records at a local music store, when records were dominant, and now I download/stream music to my iPhone. Lately, I’ve been working with new methodologies, when it comes to church, and I’ve heard lots of feedback about the new methodologies. It’s not that they are bad, it’s just new and uncommon. People don’t have the memories, the sentiment, the spiritual growth and maturity from the new methodologies…yet. I like how I have all these visceral experiences with a range of technology and culture. Moments with the Atari 2600, and moments with the Nintendo Wii.

Speaking of methodologies, more and more I’m putting down pen and paper. This past Sunday was the first time I used my iPhone to take notes during the message at church. In the past, I’ve wanted to use my laptop to take sermon notes, but the venues aren’t conducive for it. Plus, there’d be some people that would complain about it. It was nice to use the Evernote app, on the iPhone, and have a digital copy of my notes. I have years and years of notebooks I need to transcribe. A long-term project.

I’m consuming two different Tim Keller books at the moment. Still reading through Generous Justice, but also listening to King’s Cross on my work commute.

I’ve really enjoyed reading Scot McKnight’s continuing posts about Love Wins and the topic of universalism.

A nice byproduct of Gideon’s birth is being distracted from the Red Sox poor start. If the Red Sox are still playing this bad in late May, then it’ll be time to worry for Red Sox fans.

As always, great conversation and food from Amsterdam. Thanks Phil and Anne.

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