Liam is excited to hold his new baby brother.

I don’t think it ever crossed Jana and I’s thoughts that Gideon would be born in April, till the due date came and went. As an April birth became more and more likely, we both hoped he would not be born on April Fool’s Day. Glad he waited an additional two and a half hours.

I should have known better than to expect a March baby. We were told with Duncan that he was “locked and loaded” and “definitely a May baby”. He was born June 3.

I think Liam is going to be a protector of Gideon. And Duncan? He may see Gideon as a toy.

For the past few days, I’ve been battling an earache, sore throat and some other sinus issues. I ended up taking Friday as a sick day because I wanted to try and get some rest. Even though I had no idea when Gideon was coming, I didn’t want to have any lingering sickness. While I’m not 100%, I’m glad I took off on Friday.

We were given a bloody pair of surgical scissors as a memento of Gideon’s birth, since they were used to cut the cord. I’m not sure I’m down with a bloody pair of surgical scissors as a memento. Who am I, Jack The Ripper?

Granted, I’ve heard of people requesting far worse for things they wanted as keepsakes.

It’s hard to squelch the joy that a newborn’s parents have. Watching a hospital’s mandated educational videos on SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome comes close to squelching that joy. I understand why hospitals ask parents to watch them, and I endorse the move. It just puts a downer on things.

But then I look over at Gideon and I’m happy.

Jana’s badge of honor? Delivering Gideon straight posterior. To those that don’t know what that means, watch one of my favorite scenes from Planes, Tranes And Automobiles that sheds light on it. Sort of. Maybe not, but it’s a funny scene.

The care here at the new Women’s Methodist Hospital is great. At one point, a nurse was with Jana and she needed some additional assistance. She hit a call button, and there were four other nurses in the room in less than five seconds.

It’s a lot different being off of 192nd & West Dodge than 84th & Dodge. Incredibly quiet around the facility here.

Also, the rooms are spacious. We were at the old Methodist hospital for our first two boys. We had a corner room with Duncan, and I do think you could double that room and it still wouldn’t fit in the room we’re in at the new Methodist Hospital.

In filling out paperwork for Gideon, it was the first time I had the chance to mark on a document that my highest level of education was a Bachelor’s Degree. I feel special. I am special, it only took me sixteen years to accomplish that. 😉

We’ve a had people tell us Gideon looks like Liam. We’ve had an equal amount of people tell us Gideon looks like Duncan. What do you think? What do I think? I have no clue. Jana put it best when she remarked that over the years various people have told her she looks like her sister Lauren. Granted, Lauren is her step-sister.

Once again, I’m blessed and humbled by the outpouring of love and care from everyone. Thanks everybody! It’s great to read your messages. I’m trying to respond personally to the messages. My Twitter stream from yesterday is just a series of thank yous.

More to come…

2 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts And Observations With Gideon’s Birth

  1. We live in the same neighborhood as the hosptial. We just finished lunch on the deck and looked at the hospital and said a prayer for little Gideon (and the rest of your clan) – is clan just Scottish or is it Irish too?

    Looking forward to meeting him!


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