And here we go.

Why I was thinking of a line Joker said, from The Dark Knight, when I was walking into the Emergency Room around 1:00 AM I’m not sure. Perhaps it was due to lack of sleep. I got two hours of sleep before Jana woke me. She hadn’t slept at all, and had been on the phone twice with one of the midwives she has been seeing throughout this pregnancy.

And here we go. It was go time, since our boy arrived ninety minutes later. At 2:33 AM, Gideon Clark Murphy was born. He is 7 pounds 6 ounces, and is 21 inches long.

We wanted to tell Liam and Duncan his name first. The boys were just here. We told the boys, and after a minute Liam went out into the hall and asked his grandparents if they wanted to see Gideon Clark. They both wanted to hold him. Liam is tender with him, while Duncan gave him an emphatic kiss.

Gideon was a name Jana had wanted as long as I can remember. I finally came around to it when I saw him on the first ultrasound. Gideon seemed to be a perfect name for him. And Clark? Well, that was my suggestion. I like Superman. 😉

Jana is doing well. From my vantage point, this was probably the toughest of the three deliveries for Jana. She received tremendous care from the personnel here at Methodist, and from the midwives.

I do want to say thanks to our neighbor Melissa who came over during the night to stay with the boys.

Right now, we’re slated to leave the hospital Monday morning.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. I’ll be posting more pics and info.

Update 1:07 PM – I’ve posted some pics on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “And Here We Go

  1. Hey everyone, thanks for the comments! Jana and Gideon are doing well. They were able to get some good rest this afternoon. I'm sure we'll be posting more info and pics here and on our Facebook Pages.


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