Tomorrow (March 28) is Jana’s due date. Because Liam and Duncan were both early, Jana and I thought that our third boy would be early as well. Plus, we had prayed he’d come early since the pregnancy had been difficult for Jana.

Obviously, our baby is not here yet. As I joked with someone, he’s fashionably late.
I’m reminded that I wanted to do a quick post with some prayer requests regarding baby #3. These are a few requests beyond the obvious ones of spiritual/physical/mental/emotional health and well-being for the baby. We’d appreciate any prayers.
1. Car situation – We are a one car family, which we like. Our one car, though, is a ’92 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight that does not have a working air conditioner. Can the three boys fit in the backseat of the car? Yes, but it will be tight. We would like to have a new vehicle, preferably something bigger like a minivan.* It doesn’t need to be brand new, just something that will last us awhile and is reliable.
*Maybe it’s the cars I’ve had in my life, but I never get why guys feel like they have to complain about driving a minivan. I would be beyond grateful if we could own a minivan. God forbid I drive a vehicle that is safer and more economical for my family.
2. Brothers – A past answered prayer is the bond between Liam and Duncan. I hope Liam and Duncan will joyfully welcome their new brother into their lives, and look out for him. I hope the three of them bond. I guess I am thinking this down the road, when Liam and Duncan are bigger, and their little brother wants to be a part of everything they do. I want the future little guy to feel like he is a part of their lives.
3. Debt/Provision – If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you might recall some of my posts, last year, where I shared about our finances. We’ve been in debt, but we’ve been able to pay off a chunk of it. My hope and prayer is that we are able to continue to pay off debt, while providing for our family as we grow. I do not want to add to debt with the pending hospital bills.
4. Parenting – Jana and I have heard nothing changes when you go from two kids to three, and that everything changes when you go from two kids to three. We don’t know what to expect, which is nothing new. We just want to do our best as parents. We want to love baby #3 as best we can, but also not neglect in any way our parental duties with Liam and Duncan. We want to be effective and efficient with our schedules, and make sure we have time with all the boys individually and corporately.
Thanks for any prayers. We are grateful for them.

3 thoughts on “Prayer Requests With Baby #3

  1. RE: #2 – Every child is different and every combination of children is different. My 3rd is 18m younger than the 2nd and 4yrs younger than the oldest. Somehow the oldest and youngest (one a girl, one a boy) have the most similar personalities and are already showing a closer bond than either has with the middle one. You just never know what will happen, especially with 3 boys, but the little guy will bond with the others (and mom/dad) just fine!

    RE: #4 – Adding another kid (whether 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 6th) changes your life. Adding a new life/personality to your family is never “hardly noticeable” as some ridiculous parents like to claim. It's a new PERSON for goodness sake! It's all a juggling act and you're now just crossing over the one-on-one ability you currently have as parents. I think 3 is super hard, BUT it gets better and better.

    Honestly, (and tell Jana this) I never cried more than I did after my 3rd was born. The first few months were very hard for me. I had 3 very young kids all needing me every second and it was overwhelming, but each month it got better and now that my youngest is 2 it's so much easier than it was in the earlier times.

    I'll pray for you and Jana and the boys. I can't wait to hear about the arrival of baby #3!


  2. Thanks Kelly for reading and commenting!

    One of those things where we hope and trust for the best from God. We know things will work out, and that our boys will do great. We still find ourselves thinking and praying through these topics.

    Thanks for sharing and being honest about the transitions you experienced with your growing family. I'll pass along your thoughts to Jana.


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