This past Sunday night, I was down in the cellar looking for pictures of when I was in Belarus. While I didn’t find what I was looking for, I did come across this picture. It made me smile.

Jana & Robert in Cameroon

I believe this is the first picture of Jana and me. This is from August 2000, and we are in Cameroon. I was leading a team of students, to Cameroon and Nigeria, and she was on the team.

Some fun facts about what was going on during this time:

  • I thought Jana hated me, because she never talked to me.
  • Jana avoided me like the plague whenever I came near her.
  • Because of Jana’s avoidance of me, I didn’t care for her.
  • Jana liked me at the time, but no one knew it.
  • Less than a year after this picture was taken, Jana and I were married.

2 thoughts on “First Picture Of Jana & Me

  1. It was fun to go through shoeboxes of photos. I was also somewhat grateful that YouTube and Facebook weren't around when I was younger! Some cringe worthy stuff I came across.


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