I‘m not exactly sure why, but I hate Daylight Savings.

I know people aren’t looking forward to it as much as other Pixar films, but the new trailer for Cars 2 has Liam and Duncan even more excited to see the film. Of course, the film went generate more profit that nearly any other Pixar film because of the merchandising. This past Christmas there were new Pixar toys being released. The film came out almost five years ago.

It makes me smile that my involvement in China, which started over ten years ago, continues on in various forms without me now. I played a role in starting partnerships, for other churches and organizations, that continue on today in China. That’s rewarding for me. I think about this since this Thursday night, one of my friends from China will be speaking at Christ Community Church.

March Madness? No idea. I’ll pick Kansas. As I’ve said before, but not sure if I have on the blog, I’ve picked them to win more than any other team since I started filling out brackets. And, I’ve never been right with picking them. Still upset at Syracuse for beating them in the 2003 Championship Game.

Jana said I made a good pot of coffee over the weekend. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard that. Not surprising. I usually don’t care too much about the coffee since I add so much sugar and cream. Still, that comment brought a smile to my face. The bean was Caribou.

The news out of Japan still seems like something out of a movie or a novel. Please continue to pray for the nation and its people, and consider giving.

It’s going to be a crazy, but also memorable, couple of weeks. Life and work, lots of change coming. Good stuff!

Thanks again to Amsterdam for always providing good food and a great atmosphere.

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