Like most people, I’ve been following the disaster in Japan. I see the before and after photos, photos of devastation, or footage of when the tsunami hit the coast, and I’m dumbfounded.

I’m not even sure what or how to pray, but I pray. I keep praying. Lately, when we have prayed as a family, I pray for Japan. Liam knows it now as the place where there was an earthquake. He prays as well. Do the prayers help? I believe so, despite the steady stream of news telling me otherwise. I hope they are making a difference.

It will take years to recover. The effort will cost billions upon billions of dollars. So what can a simple financial donation do in the face of such need? I’d like to think if most of us gave $5, $10 or $20 we could make an impact. If every American gave $20, that would be $6 billion dollars raised for the relief effort. That’s an impact.

There are a lot of good organizations out there you can give to. I’m giving through CAMA services, a relief organization through the denomination of the church (Christ Community Church) I work at now. They have low overhead, and a history of great relief work in areas that are in need.

Please consider giving, and please continue to pray for Japan and other areas that are affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

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