This morning, I had fun joining Dusty Davidson and Jeff Slobotski on their Weekly Wrap Up for Silicon Prairie News. It was filmed at one of my favorite places in town, Scooters on 120th & Blondo.

I don’t look too happy in the above thumbnail. (If video doesn’t appear, click here.) In fact, I look like I’m about to harm Dusty and Jeff. Let’s get a better pic.

I had been asked to come on last week, but got bumped because of the Nebraska Summit on Entrepreneurship. We discussed me coming on again this week, but I forgot about it until this morning.

I walked into the office, after a morning networking meeting, and saw the message from Jeff about doing the Weekly Wrap Up. It was in forty minutes. I asked Micah Yost if he wanted to tag along, so we headed off to Scooter’s.

The reason I was asked was I had figured out how many Weekly Wrap Ups there had been in SPN’s history. In recent weeks, Jeff and Dusty had mentioned they didn’t know how many there had been and asked if someone would be willing to figure it out. I decided to go through the archives on SPN, Viddler and Ustream to figure it out.

In doing so, I started keeping tabs on other bits of information with the Weekly Wrap Ups. I would load a video, scrub through it quickly, and take notes. I started off tracking the length of the show, any guests, the locations and who hosted. Then, I started wondering about how many times Analog (SPN mascot) appeared, or how many times the hosts had a drink. Soon, I was filling two pages in my sketchbook on a Saturday. Why was I doing it? It was fun, I thought the guys would appreciate it, but also I was just curious after awhile. Do you ever have a project you are in the midst of and you aren’t entirely sure how you got started with it, but you’re committed to see it through? That’s what this felt like.

I’m now working on compiling all the info for SPN’s 100th Weekly Wrap Up, which should be in August. When I have all the info compiled, I’ll be putting together a post about it.

And this morning? It was a lot of fun. Some manic energy in doing it since there were issues with LiveStream. When it finally started working, we rolled right away. I hadn’t read up on all the SPN posts this past week since it had slipped my mind about appearing.* It didn’t matter. I was able to offer up something every now and then.

*Last week, when I first was going to be on, I had done studied up on all the week’s posts in anticipation of the appearance.

I enjoy watching the Weekly Wrap Up, but being on the other side of the camera had me appreciating what Jeff and Dusty do with it. It’s laid back, but every week they make sure to highlight the news and events of the past week in the Silicon Prairie. They have a list of topics they want to hit on, but other than that they improv what they say.

One of the two pages I filled with notes.

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