I was getting use to the warm weather, and not it’s chilly again. I should know better, having grown up here in Omaha.

I’ve heard more talk about judging art after the fact instead of the moment. It was a concept I first heard from Chuck Klosterman. People seem to be talking about it more in light of the Academy Awards. No one seems to have a problem with The King’s Speech winning Best Picture, but everyone seems to have their favorite which isn’t The King’s Speech. This kind of idea seems to be gaining more and more traction. It will never happen, but I think you’ll see more revisiting of awards by people. In this current generation, you’ve seen it with Best Picture winners Forrest Gump (Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption), Shakespeare In Love (Saving Private Ryan), Crash (Brokeback Mountain) and already with The Hurt Locker (Avatar). None of those films are bad, but people remember other films from those years more so.
Now, should the sole factor in a film winning Best Film be rewatchability and/or memorable?
I enjoyed The King’s Speech. Toy Story 3 and Inception were my favorites from the year, though.
I would expect to hear the Christian masses talk about Rob Bell ad nauseum. I did not expect the masses to talk about Charlie Sheen ad nauseum.

I didn’t think I was into music anymore, but then this past week I ended up listening to a lot of Pogo and Scala & Kolacny Brothers. The music I enjoy listening to now is not the music I listened to growing up. Perhaps that’s why I’ve drifted from music a bit.
Enjoyed going to the first Omaha Open Coffee Club this morning at Blue Line in Dundee.
Finish up three videos for work, begin work on the Easter video. Always a big shoot, but because of that we can invest a lot of time and resources into it. The finished product is always cool.

Another day that passes is another day closer to when Baby Murphy #3 arrives. When March hit, it started to feel close. Perhaps this time I’ll pack a bag for the hospital.

Always good food and conversation at Amsterdam!

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