Here’s the two-minute promo for Project Experience. Here’s what I blogged before about the project. Some more details about the event, and the video, are below.

A few weeks ago I was asked to come up with a way to promote Project Experience through social media. This was fine, except for one thing. I had no idea what Project Experience was.

One of the CCC staff, Jared Kliewer, and one of our contract workers, Jordan Green, went to Wisconsin to check out Project Experience. They took some footage and showed me that when they returned. As Jared put it, “Project Experience is an experiential guided tour that addresses issues of justice around the world.”

What I saw looked real cool. The tour does engage the senses about the realities that people face around the world. It highlights the issues of hunger, slavery, sex trafficking, clean water, and more. The person going through the tour experiences the realities of these situations. There are different rooms which the person goes through, where an environment is set up so they can “experience” a bit what the victim has to deal with on a 24/7/365 basis.

With so many issues, it could be overwhelming. How does one promote it? I decided to pick the angle of clean water, mainly due to my experience with, and support of, charity: water.

I decided to come up with a story that would put Americans in the situation of not having easy access to clean water. The idea was inspired by an early charity: water video I saw at Big Omaha 2010.* I wanted people to see the issue of clean water through a different context, a context they could relate to as well.

*Scott Harrison, the founder of charity: water, spoke at Big Omaha 2010. His story and presentation was part of the inspiration behind this. For more on his talk at Big Omaha, click here.

It is light-hearted at first, so people would be drawn into the story and let their guard down a bit. It then changes in tone about halfway through the piece and shows world statistics relating to clean water.

It was great working with Ryan Shields, Brad Mock, and Lead Pastor Mark Ashton. Even though Brad had a small part, I appreciated him giving his all and being fully committed. There are times I’ve worked with people on shoots and they throw a pity party because they have a small part. Brad was great.

Lead Pastor Mark is always willing to help us out with these videos. He does a good job, and I appreciate him being willing to do the filming right after this past Sunday’s services. He was gracious with his time.

Ryan was great. He is new on staff, just like Brad*, and completely embraced the project. Over the course of three days, he gave up his time to help us with this project. In fact, the scene he shot with Mark was done just a few hours before he flew to Dallas for a conference.

*CCC is blessed to have these two guys on staff. I’m especially excited for the high school students to have Brad as the High School Pastor.

Mark Hennings helped me out with this project by filming and editing the piece. He was able to take the concept and story I had come up with and make it a reality.

We’re working on an extended version of the promo for online viewing, but the above two-minute version will be playing in services.

Project Experience will be taking place March 15-19 at Christ Community Church’s Old Mill Campus. The event is free, but there will be registration for it. We don’t want everyone to come do the tour at the same time and lessen the experience for anyone. You’ll be able to register this weekend online at CCC’s website.

Below are some production photos.

Ryan walking beside Papio Creek. The road above is I-680.

Because of the thawing, and recent snow melting, the ground was soft. 

As Mark Hennings’ shoes show, our footwear got muddy.

Filming in Lead Pastor Mark’s office right after Sunday services.

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