A busy couple of days. I don’t think I’ve had an evening at home, during the work week, in two weeks. Just one of those seasons at work. Today, I managed to make time to have breakfast and lunch with my family, and then for dinner I went to Scooter’s to read and study for a bit. Now I’m back working.

The projects that are dominating my time right now are fun. One is an animation I’ve created in Keynote. I continue to enjoy how much I can do with that software. It’s almost like a game for me now, how can I exploit the software to cheat animation.
Here’s a screenshot, of the project, as I’m working in Keynote. It’s a piece for the current message series, Scandalous, which covers the Book of Hosea.
When I’m done with the project, I will upload another “How To Animate With Keynote” post where I detail what I did to make this video a reality.
Another project that has been dominating my time has been the Project Experience Promo Video. I saw a rough cut today, and was pleased with the progress. Mark Hennings, who shot the piece and is editing it, captures the tone I was hoping for when I conceived the idea. Here are a few screenshots of the video.

The video should be ready by this weekend. We will end up with two different versions of the piece…hopefully. The tentative plan is to have a two minute version to play during CCC services, but then an extended four minute version for the web.
Just for fun…
My shoes after shooting scenes by Papio Creek.

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