It’s been a busy couple of days. There are three different video projects I’m helping to produce right now. I am doing baby dedications again this Sunday. And, I’ve been asked to research and gather information for Christ Community Church’s multi-site plan. Work is going to be steady through next week. Besides these projects, there are always the day-to-day things that need to be addressed. Oh yeah, I’m also a husband and dad and need to make sure I’m there for my family.

One thing I’ve had to schedule in recently is margin. It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of it all. Monday night I worked till 2 AM on one project. The next day I was back at it. I knew I’d be working late that evening. I was able to see my family over the lunch hour. For dinner, though, I went to Scooter’s and took some time to read the Bible and reflect. It was a nice respite and a good way to recalibrate from all the work. On Wednesday, I wasn’t able to have that time to read and study, but when I was driving I was listening to a Dan Allender message on podcast which was helpful. I also made sure to schedule time for dinner with the family.

It’s simple stuff that’s obvious, but when the schedule gets busy it can be easy to forget. Even if an opportunity arises, it’s still good to keep things in perspective. I was telling Jana this, last night, after I came home after 11 PM from working. I was reminding her (and myself) that it’s only a season of busyness, that some good opportunities are presenting themselves that I am pursuing, but at the same time I wouldn’t want to be so consumed with work and opportunities that I neglect my family.

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?
-Mark 8:36

Even during busy times it’s critical to take time and rest, and to spend time with God and family.

After this busyness ends, I’ve got some more margin scheduled. I’m taking a vacation day to relax and spend with Jana and the boys. While work is important, and pursuing opportunities is good, they are not more important, or valuable, than my faith or family.

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