Last year, I wrote about ten things I was looking forward to in 2010. Most of them turned out to be great.*

*Biggest disappointment on last year’s list? Lost. Slight disappointments were Apple’s iPad and Husker football.
It’s a new year* so what am I looking forward to in 2011?

*Okay, so it’s February 5 when I finally posted this and ! The only change with the late posting of this is maybe Greg Mortenson would have been on the list if it would have gone up at the beginning of the year.

1. Boy #3 – Sometime in March, Jana and I will have another baby. We’re excited. Liam and Duncan are ready for their baby brother to be here as well. The name is picked out. All sorts of new adventures, blessings, and moments of wonder await our family.

2. Work – I continue with the mix of creative duties alongside pastoral duties. There are some new projects and responsibilities on the horizon that I’m excited about. Some projects that merge creative and pastoral into one. I’m being vague now, but I won’t be for long.

3. Big Omaha – I’ve only written twenty-seven posts, over the past two years, that I’ve tagged “Big Omaha”. I have no inkling on who will be speaking at this year’s gathering, but in a way it’s not primary. So much of the event is about the people that attend, the creative and entrepreneurial spirit, highlighting Omaha and the midwest, the conversations and the fun. Will the speakers be good? Of course, but that’s only one aspect of it.

4. Book – I’ve written thousands upon thousands of words since high school. When I was a part of a theater company, it was joked that I was always found hunched over a composition book writing away. I’ve had ideas about potential books, but when I’ve developed them a bit they’ve never seemed solid. Well, I think I have a good idea. I’m developing it. I’ve written a lot of it. Just a matter of compiling and editing it. Some of the influences are Dan Allender and Chuck Klosterman.

5. Minimalism – This is a concept/lifestyle I adopted last year unintentinoally, but look forward to living out intentionally during 2011.

6. Networking – The past two years I’ve enjoyed connecting with new people at local events (Big Omaha, tweetups, young professional get togethers) or online (my blog, Twitter and Facebook). I’ve learned a lot, made new friends, and my life and work has been better for it. I look forward to connecting with more people in 2011, and seeing the new friendships and ideas I encounter.

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – The end of an era. In the fall of 2001, I read the first Harry Potter book so I could understand and appreciate the release of the first film later that season. Of course, I got hooked on the books and have been a Harry Potter fan ever since. Very few things live up to the hype, but the final Harry Potter book did. I’m hopeful the final film will do the same. If Part 2 is as good as Part 1, it will be a brilliant end to the films.

8. Cars 2 – Last year it was Toy Story 3 and Liam’s first trip to the movie theater. This year it’s Cars 2 and Duncan’s first trip to the movie theater. The boys play with Cars toys, listen to songs from Cars, and ask to watch Cars once a week. I’m excited for them to see it in theater. Another reason I’m interested in seeing it is due to Josh Cooley having worked on the film. I had the chance to interview Josh last year and write about his appearance in Omaha.

9. iPhone – Another year, another list, another Apple product. The iPhone comes to Verizon. This commercial captures the moment quite well.

10. Husker Football – Another year, another list, same Huskers. Of course, this 2011 season brings the excitement of the Huskers playing in the Big Ten Conference for the first time. I’ve kicked around the idea of trying to go to one of away games to see the Huskers in their inaugural season of conference play. (Hello Minnesota!) It should be fun, and the Huskers will be competitive. Whether that brings joy or pain remains to be seen.
11. The Unknown – There are always surprises each year, and often these surprises provide some of the highlights. Some of last year’s surprises were interviewing Josh Cooley, finally watching the tv show Friday Night Lights, the minimalism movement, and reading Timothy Keller’s Counterfeit Gods. So, while there are things I am looking forward to, I can’t wait to see and experience the unknown.

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