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A look back on the people that influenced and impacted my life in 2010.

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Chuck Klosterman’s Eating The Dinosaur was one of my favorite pieces of media to consume in 2010. Just as good were his various appearances on The B.S. Report podcast.

Why do I like Chuck? I like his approach in discussing a topic, whether he is writing or speaking. Any opinion he offers is defended by him with a well thought argument. I also like how he challenges status quo, or other’s opinions. He doesn’t do it for the sake of being devil’s advocate, but to know why one thinks as such. If it is contrary to his opinion, he respectfully challenges the contrary opinion. His questions force you to defend your belief without cliche. I like that.

Chuck is unapologetic about his likes and dislikes. He won’t go along with something just because it is the cultural norm, or because it may fit people’s perception of his identity.

I find his approach and perspective refreshing. Because of things he’s said, I’ve found myself reevaluating my opinions on topics. It’s interesting how he links topics, like Kurt Cobain’s approach to Nirvana’s In Utero album with David Koresh’s leadership and the Branch Davidian raid. And, I’m always entertained, even when it’s a Ralph Sampson essay. I hope to have that creative approach to a topic, when writing about it, that it engages the reader even if the reader hasn’t a care about the topic.

Click here to see an interview with Chuck as he discusses Eating The Dinosaur.
Click here to read an excerpt from Eating The Dinosaur.
Click here to listen to Chuck’s March 5, 2010 appearance on the B.S. Report.
Click here to listen to Chuck’s September 8, 2010 appearance on the B.S. Report.

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