Earlier in the week, some of us on the Communications Team received an email from Lead Pastor Mark about some graphic needs he has for his message this Sunday. The requests are for creating slides that highlight facts about the Bible. I mentioned to my boss that the requests reminded me of a video I created two years ago in Keynote. I joked that we should play the old video.

This morning, I get a call from Steve Yost. He’s in a meeting and asking me about a video I created before that dealt with the Bible. Yes, the same video I mentioned to Nick. I sent Steve the link so he could show it to people in the meeting. They thought it would be a great video for this week’s message, God Speaks Through Scripture. I sent my boss an email that I’m like Babe Ruth since I called my shot.

Ordinarily, I don’t like to repeat a creative piece we’ve done before, but I do think the video is good. It holds up over time. It will complement the message well.

I also remember that not everyone comes every Sunday. In fact, roughly 55% of people who call Christ Community Church their home church come every other week. And, in the two years since the video played, a number of new people have started coming to the church. It will be the first time seeing the video for many that will be in attendance. Those that were in attendance before probably can’t recall details of the video, so they’ll still enjoy it.

So, I’m not spoiling anything by putting the video here. Consider it a tease for the message. Hope you can make it to one of the services this Sunday.

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