I was happy with the outcome of the the AFC and NFC Championship Games. I’ll be pulling for Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl, mainly because of Aaron Rodgers. I like how he has gone about his business since taking over the starting job from Brett Favre. And, I’d like to see Green Bay rewarded for their decision to drop Favre three years ago. That may sound anti-Favre, but it’s more about individuals being rewarded for a decision that was ridiculed by many.

Omaha’s mayoral recall election is tomorrow. I have my opinion, but I can’t vote since I’m outside the city limits. It’s been interesting to follow along. It does remind me of my thought that the last mayoral election was more a referendum on Hal Daub than anything. My limited interactions with Mayor Jim Suttle, through work, have been good.

I have enjoyed Liam helping me out with shoveling the past few times. Granted, his help isn’t much, but he’s trying. Plus, it makes the time go by faster. Yesterday, he was humming “She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain” while he was shoveling. Made me laugh.

After seemingly running an infirmary the past two weeks at the house, I think we are all well now.

Even though there is now college football going on, it doesn’t stop Steve Yost (coworker) and I from talking all the time about the Huskers. It’s recruiting season with college football, so we talk about the prospects that have committed to the team. We’re planning on doing something again for Signing Day. Kind of ridiculous, but all sorts of fun.

There are some people that always seem to be in the thick of conflict, even instigating things for their own end. I see those individuals from afar and tell myself to avoid working with them if possible. It’s not that I won’t be pleasant with them, and pray for them, but working with them I have all sorts of red flags to give me pause.*

*By the way, I’m not referring to anyone at Christ Community Church here! Just a thought.

Reading through Tim Keller’s latest book Generous Justice. Another great read by Keller.

That’s all for now. Go Pack Go!

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