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A look back on the people that influenced and impacted my life in 2010.

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When I heard Roddy Chong was going to be speaking at Christ Community Church, my reaction was “Who?” I got to know him really quickly, though. He is a violinist who has played with Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Lonestar, Jars of Clay, Twila Paris and more. He currently has a prominent role with Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He’s also an actor, dancer and speaker

For reasons I’m still not sure of, I was asked to interview Roddy at one of our services. I started reading his bio, and looking into what he’d been involved with over the years. The night before he was speaking, I went out to dinner with him and Mark Ashton. We just talked about life. I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to be doing, but it was nice to hear some of Roddy’s story. It would make the interview go better having the little bit of familiarity.

When he shared, I thought it was a practical message. It wasn’t a rah-rah, cheerleading message that is all smoke and mirrors. It was straight forward, someone sharing about the reality of what it means to be a Christian in the music industry.

There were a number of principles he shared that were reminiscent of things I heard from speakers at Big Omaha. He was big into seizing hold of opportunities, making things happen. He talked about praying for courage to go through those doors of opportunity that open for you. This stuck with me for some reason, but I realized later why when I had the opportunity to interview Pixar’s Josh Cooley.

It was cool to hear a Christian, in the music and arts industries, share about what life is like. I appreciated the business side of things he discussed.

Most importantly, he made an impact on my boys. Liam really took to him. At the service I interviewed him at, he played a bit for the audience. Liam heard him play and thought he was great. After everyone left, Liam went up to him and told him he he was good at the violin. Roddy thanked him and gave him a high five.

Liam would then pretend to play the violin at home. He’d ask me to play “Roddy Chong” songs so he could listen to them. We’d watch YouTube clips of him playing, and Liam would be transfixed.

When I heard that Roddy was going to be speaking live at the Sarpy Campus, we made sure to go there to see him. It would also be the first time we’d take Liam with us into service. Liam was excited to see Roddy again.

We arrived at the Sarpy Campus, and walked into the room where they have the services. Roddy was coming off stage from practicing. Liam walked right up to him and hugged his leg. It made Roddy smile. Roddy took time to talk to Liam, which I greatly appreciated.

When Roddy played during the service, Liam got down from his chair and was dancing to his playing. It was great to watch.

After the service, Roddy came down from the stage, but this time Liam ran to him and leaped into his arms. Thankfully, Roddy saw this coming, grabbed him, picked him up, and gave him a big hug.

Will Liam remember anything Roddy said? Probably not, but he knows that Roddy is a good guy, loves Jesus, and took an interest in him. I’m grateful for that.

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