Nine times out of ten, when I bring up the fact that I am getting older I can count on someone else to say something along the lines of, “You don’t even know what old is!” I get it. You are REALLY old, and I’m just getting older. 😉

So, for all of you who are older than me, please bear with me for a bit. (Thanks!)

I know I still have a long life ahead of me, but I also know I’m getting old. It’s beyond the gray hairs that are showing up, or a body that has more aches and pains now after doing basic things. It’s moments. Random moments where you realize your childhood is a long time ago.

I saw this video yesterday, and I found it funny and poignant. Kids trying to figure out 80’s technology.

“A deck of cards?” Awesome. One of the best memories from my childhood, my Atari 2600, is reduced to a deck of cards. (Yes, I know it’s a ColecoVision game and not an Atari game. Work with me.)

More and more I have these moments where I realize life is passing by. Last year I noticed it a lot. One moment that makes me smile is I took two interns from work out to dinner. We were eating when I heard a song over the speakers, R.E.M.’s “Shiny Happy People”. Instantly, I was instantly transported back to junior high in my mind. I asked the interns if they knew the song, thinking one of them would since they were into music. Nope. I then calculated how old the song was. It was nearly twenty years old. The song came out when the interns were three years old.

The interns got a kick out of how I had a cassette* of this album, and how I remembered the song being track one on side two of it.

*I can still hear one of them being surprised. “You had a cassette?!”

One of the first moments I had that I was getting older was at 25. I was living in northwest Arkansas, and I was volunteering at a student ministry this particular day. They had a basketball hoop set up, and kids formed their own teams to play. The winning team stayed on the court and then a new team of challengers would play. Some of the popular kids were holding forth on the court and showing off to the girls. I found this amusing because I could see myself doing the same thing ten years earlier.

There were some kids lingering by the court that wanted to play, so I gathered them together and we formed a team. I was going to make sure our team won, but I wasn’t going to take a shot. I would play defense and set my team up on offense.

The popular kids smirked when we started to play, but that didn’t last long. One of them went up for a dunk (the rims were nine feet high) and I blocked it. When I did, he went sprawling away. The only thing hurt was his pride. The girls he was trying to impress were not impressed. The other popular kids? Well, they didn’t like me and started a chant.

“Old dude sucks! Old dude sucks! Old dude sucks!”

I loved it. Loved it even more when the team I was on beat the popular kids team. Of course, I then realized they thought I was old and I was only 25.

That seems like a long time ago, and yet I still feel so young. So much life to still live. I’m sure this feeling will still be here when I’m in my seventies, eighties and nineties.

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Old, But I’m Not Getting Younger

  1. The LaserDisc was awesome.

    A few years back Brian had a 25ish year old employee and she was talking about buying a computer because she was going back to college. Brian remarked how he didn't have a computer in high school or college and she said, “Were you poor?” He came home feeling very old.

    It is funny how commonplace things now were not even in our venacular 25 years ago.

    I had a girlfriend that made a list when her son was born (17 years ago) of things that she had when she was growing up that he will never interact with – I thought it was a neat idea to see the change in just one generation.


  2. I can sympathize with Brian. I remember being in elementary school, and only a few of us in the class were able to use the few computers that were available at the school. 1 hour a week.

    I like that list idea. Should try and incorporate something with our next boy.

    It is interesting to see the boys interact with my cell phone or iPod, and for me to think back to their age and messing with a rotary phone or record player. I remember the first time I skyped with Liam when I was in China. That was weird and cool at the same time.

    It will be interesting to see what the technology looks like in another 30 years.

    Thanks for reading!


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