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It’s 2011, so why keep doing reflective posts on 2010? Two reasons. First, December went by quick. I didn’t have as much time to write all the Hatter’s Dozen posts I wanted to. Second, I wanted to take some time with this topic: people. I wanted to make sure I didn’t rush the list. The list of people that had an influence and/or impact on my life in 2010. Directly or indirectly, near or far, these are the people I am, and will be, still thinking about.

In compiling this list, I’ve thought about years past and who would be on those lists.*

*2009 would’ve had Jason Fried, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. 2008 would’ve had Mark Driscoll. Dan Allender would’ve been a mainstay from 2004 through 2009. And, Henry Rollins would’ve been on most years in the mid-to-late nineties.

Here we go.

12. Dr. Jerry Root – It was a few hours I spent with him on Father’s Day. I took him to the Dundee Dell because I thought his history with England would have him appreciating the venue more than the average patron. I struck gold with that decision. He loved the Dell, and he was ready and willing to hold forth on anything and everything. I had my own personal three hour lecture that covered a number of topics. (Here’s the blog post I wrote before, briefly recapping my time with him.)

Only three hours of one-on-one time, and he’s on the list? Well, it should tell you something about those three hours that he is on this list. His vast knowledge on a number of topics was amazing, and it inspires me. He could converse about anything. And still, when I was talking about something, he would listen carefully. He was keen on discovering some new tidbit of truth that he did not know before.

Dr. Root could smoothly transition from topic to topic, and when different people from the Dell came to the table to serve us, he could quickly transition the conversation to accomodate them. He would ask them questions, and include them in on what we were discussing. He’d also ask them about their own life and story.

Part of me thought I could never be that knowledgeable about the Bible, Christianity, Jesus, books, pop culture, history and more. Then again, he’s also got thirty years on me. Where could I be in thirty years if I pushed myself to learn more? If I pushed myself to be even more of a people person like Dr. Root? That was the amazing thing, he was so personal and gregarious that those that interacted with him at the Dell just appreciated him being there. They wanted to keep talking to him.

With my varied interests, and the people I interact with on a consistent basis, if I ended up being just a fraction of what Dr. Root is I’d be okay.

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Click here for Dr. Jerry Root’s message, and a Q&A, about the life of C.S. Lewis.

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