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As the Art Director, and a part of Pastoral Care Team, my job responsibilities can be varied at Christ Community Church. I enjoy a majority of the work. Here are twelve projects from the past year that I enjoyed being involved with.

I added links to blog posts where I expand upon the project more if you’d like to read.

12. Silver Bells

One of the last projects I worked on in 2010, helping to produce a music video for the Christmas Eve services. It wasn’t just any video, but one that would be played on a 28 foot widescreen. I helped get it going in late October when Jordan Green and I went to downtown Omaha to storyboard the video. I wanted to highlight Omaha to a degree. My role was reduced on the project as more video projects were added to the Christmas Eve services, but it was still fun to be involved with the project. It was fun working with the team, and having great people volunteer and offer their services so we could produce a brilliant video. (Click here to read more about this.)

11. Multi-site – At some point during the year I became involved more directly with the multi-site plan at CCC. I’d meet with a team Steve Walters had brought together, and we’d discuss potential locations for a future multi-site. It was insightful to discuss locations and what needed to be factored in zeroing in on any location. As someone who has a passion for Omaha, I’m grateful to be involved, in a small way, in helping figure out how CCC can best serve the Omaha area.

10. Hosting – This wasn’t a official responsibility, but somewhere along the way I started being asked to host people and show them around the Old Mill Campus. It probably started when I hosted Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle one Sunday morning. It was enjoyable answering his questions and showing him around CCC. The last time I did it was showing around a young couple that had six kids. As a fellow parent, I was glad I could answer their questions about kids ministries and tell them the ins and outs of things work for young families at CCC. (Click here to read more about this.)

9. Violence in Omaha

I created and produced this video to support the message Fear: Violence. I had done a few stat videos before, but I didn’t want people to tune out with another stat video. Especially when a number of people at CCC don’t think violence is an issue they have to worry about in their neighborhood.

I wanted to show the contrast of a happy, suburban family against the Omaha violence stats. I often hear from families living in the Omaha suburbs that they moved to the suburbs to escape the violence. I wanted to highlight that there is violence in the suburbs as well.

It was fun to craft the idea, and I think it ended up being effective. (Click here to read more about this.)

8. Social Media and Missions – In June I had the opportunity to share with people about social media and missions at one of the Global Summit seminars. This is something I’ve been doing on the side for a long time. It was great to do a formal presentation of my ideas, and put together something that I can use in the future. (Click here to read about the presentation, and click here for the presentation’s resources.)

7. Social Media – CCC has come a long way with its social media presence from when I first started most of it on my own over a few years ago. It’s great to see staff, volunteers and everyone else leverage and utilize CCC’s social media, and not denounce its viability. This year, the CCC Facebook Page is over 1,350 fans. There are five different podcasts. Vimeo has been a great service for CCC to broadcast its messages and videos. I’m looking forward to seeing what develops (smartphone app?) on this front in 2011.

6. Double Your Impact

This past year, CCC launched its Double Your Impact campaign. I helped produce a variety of stories in conjunction with the lead-up to the campaign launch. It was fun interviewing CCC people and hearing their story of how God is at work in and through them. I helped produce a number of the stories. The video above was one I enjoyed putting together particularly. (Click here to read more about this.)

5. Noise/Silence

This was a fun concept I created, wrote and produced. I was glad the piece worked so well during the service, since it had the potential to be a bomb. (Click here to read more about this.)

4. Giving

Part of why I enjoyed this project was indirectly telling my story through it. Also, it’s fun to try new things when producing animations. AND, I was surprised that I was given the green light to use Beatles music. In the words of Michael Scott, “Win, win, win”. (Click here to read more about this.)

3. On-Call Pastor – Whenever I receive the “on-call pastor” call, I never know what to expect. I do know that in most occasions, someone is reaching out because they’ve reached their end. It’s humbling to be able to serve in such a capacity. (Click here to read more about this.)

2. Men’s Panel at MOPS – Some people are absolutely petrified at the prospects of being on a Q&A panel. Especially one where the opposite sex comprises the audience. This panel was comprised of men and we answered questions from women about marriage, sex, communication, life and more. I couldn’t wait to do this. Partly because it’s fun, but also because these are questions that people wrestle with that affect their lives on a daily basis. Often, the church doesn’t do a good job of addressing some of these questions. I was glad I could, along with the other men, and hopefully it helped some of the women in the audience. (Click here to read more about this.)

1. Baby Dedication

This was a fun development at work, even if it brings a bit of anxiety each time I do it! It’s a joy to interact with families and play a small role in the lives of these children. (Click here to read more about this.)

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