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I’ve written 232 blog posts on RamHatter this year, including this one. There are some that stick out to me more than others. This is a list of my favorite posts, which includes a guest post I wrote for Silicon Prairie News. It’s a much different list than the Top Posts list.

12. Tragedy, Darkness & Death (January 16) – It’s a fine line discerning what to say when writing about pastoring situations. This was a post where I share a bit about what goes on behind the scenes with being a pastor. Nearly a year later, the conversations I had with the individuals that day are still vivid.

11. Football, Family & Concussions (October 25) – I weigh in on the issue of concussions, which was partly inspired by a brief twitter conversation I had with former NFL All-Pro Tony Boselli.

10. Christ Community Church & Core Community (June 20) – Ten years after Ethan Burmeister left CCC to start Core, the ties between the churches are strengthened. A cool development for both churches and the city of Omaha.

9. Facebook Stats 3.0 & Dunbar’s Number (December 7) – I work with social media, but I’m also fascinated by the facts and details within it. This was the third time I examined the offline relationships I had with my 500+ Facebook friends.

8. Baby Dedication Anxiety (November 18) – A behind-the-scenes look at what goes on with me preparing for Baby Dedications. The next dedication service is in February, so it will be interesting to see if anything has changed.

7. Big Omaha…and Jesus 2.0 (May 28) – What is there to learn for a pastor or ministry worker at Big Omaha? Well, allow me to explain…

6. How To Animate With Keynote (October 1) – I keep getting asked how I produced some of the videos I did in Keynote. This was a step-by-step explanation of not only how I do the videos, but what led up to the current process I use with Keynote. I enjoyed revisiting some of my first animations.

5. Big Omaha: Day 3 (Melody McCloskey) (May 15) – In my opinion, after the Scott Harrison presentation, this was the most memorable presentation at Big Omaha. I had fun writing a detailed account of Melody’s talk, her remark about people in the midwest needing to move to succeed, and my conversation with her after the fact where she clarified and provided context for her remark. She was gracious and humble when we talked. This post was also a favorite because of some of the comments left by people who did not agree with me.

4. “Ab Aeterno” Lost 6×09 Thoughts (March 24) – It’s my favorite recap, one of the best experiences writing the recap, and it’s up there as one of my favorite episodes of the last season of Lost.

3. Scooter’s Soul Care (October 29) – Documenting my new morning routine and the learning process with it. What was necessary for me to spend time and money on was a bit of a surprise, but it was right.

2. Simplify, Sacrifice & Huskers (September 21) – An opportunity to share about what God had been doing in my life with regard to finances, minimalism and the Double Your Impact campaign at CCC.

1. Josh Cooley gives an in-depth look at Pixar’s creative process (October 6) – A guest post I wrote for Silicon Prairie News. It was a treat to be able to write about this event, and then interview Josh Cooley the following day. A personal highlight of 2010 as well. (Click here to read the interview transcript, and click here for some easter eggs that didn’t make the final edit of the post.)

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