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Before I settled on the name of this blog being my online moniker, one of its previous names was “Curry Fries & Mayo”. It was a fun name, unique, and an ode to one of the menu items at Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob. For over three years I’ve been going there consistently, and I almost always get curry fries and mayo. When I’m there, I write. What I write about has changed.

One aspect of my blog that has evolved over the years has been the post that is filled with ramblings and randomness. When I dropped the “Curry Fries & Mayo” name from the blog, I still wanted to use it in some fashion. So, I decided to title the posts where I write quick hit thoughts, ramblings, undeveloped blog post ideas and more the Curry Fries & Mayo posts.

The first of these posts was in late May 2008. In 2010, I’ve had twenty-seven of these posts. These are some of my favorite bits from 2010’s Curry Fries & Mayo posts.

12. This past October, Omaha received snowfall early in the month. Weather forecasters said to not worry because it was going to be a mild winter here in the area. It was comical to read the article where they were backtracking on that front. Two blizzards and a record December snowfall will do that to you. Wonder what they’re saying now with the deep freeze Omaha is in, not to mention the snowfall coming tomorrow. (Curry Fries & Mayo #45 / January 5, 2010)

11. I find it amusing when guys say some variant of “it’s getting dusty in here” instead of saying they were crying. (Curry Fries & Mayo #51 / March 10, 2010)

10. I find it comical that a few people in the area would complain about people not attending their event during a Huskers game. Not only a Huskers game, but one of the biggest games in recent memory. Texas vs Nebraska in Lincoln, NE. Really? Are you that out of touch with the city, state and its culture? What did you think? Of course, you get the smug replies of, “Well, college football just doesn’t mean that much to me. I’m more concerned about important matters.” Or, “Where I’m from, it’s just a game.” Congratulations. Here’s a gold star and a cookie for you. Whether you like it or not, it’s the reality for 90% of the state. Most people in this state are going to stop what they are doing and follow the Huskers game. Whether you want to work with that or not is up to you, but don’t act surprised when attendance is low for your event that you scheduled during a Huskers game. Especially when it’s a game of magnitude like it was this past Saturday. (Curry Fries & Mayo #67 / October 18, 2010)

9. In any field, you can make a critique against someone in it. If you are not of that field, though, your criticism will carry less weight. Is this justified? It depends. If the criticism is way off base, then yeah it is justified. But if the criticism is legitimate, is saying, “what do you know, you aren’t in this field” just a smokescreen? I think this happens a lot in sports. Coaches and athletes will be questioned about a point, and the question is strong. Instead of answering the question, and looking bad, the coach or athlete will sidestep it by pointing out the questioner’s lack of pedigree. “What do you know? You didn’t coach/play!” Maybe they didn’t play or coach, but that doesn’t cancel out the question. Answer it. (Curry Fries & Mayo #71 / December 6, 2010)

8. This past Monday, I received the final piece in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica soundtrack canon. The BSG soundtrack to The Plan/Razor, which is the sixth soundtrack in the BSG catalog. It’s one of those things that deserves its own post, but who knows if I’ll ever get to it. I did want to make mention of it, though. Bear McCreary’s compositions has been amazing throughout the series. (Curry Fries & Mayo #50 / March 4, 2010)

7. One idea that I didn’t develop was a series based on the movie Die Hard. Despite it’s potential awesomeness, I knew there was no chance of that happening. I was telling Miles, the middle school intern, about the idea. I then joked about how we could have people come forward, take off their socks and shoes, and walk across glass as an act of faith. I was having fun with the joke. Miles’ eyes glazed over and I asked, “Have you seen the movie Die Hard?” He told me no, and I felt old. Obviously, none of what I referenced about Die Hard made any sense. Perhaps that is a good thing. (Curry Fries & Mayo #46 / January 20, 2010)

6. This past episode of Lost was phenomenal, and of course I spent almost six hours crafting a recap. In the midst of writing it I wondered why I was spending so much time writing this particular recap. I do get a lot of traffic to the blog because of the recaps, but I thought writing this long recap seemed ridiculous. I tweeted out at 1 AM what I was doing. A few minutes later, I got a tweet back from someone (Dusty Davidson) that encouraged me to finish strong with the recap. Thus, the 5,000 plus word, stream of consciousness recap. Glad I finished strong. (Thanks Dusty!) I was surprised by the number of people who messaged me since then after reading the entire recap. I may not get a lot of sleep on Tuesday nights till the show’s finale, but I’ll keep writing the recaps the way I do. (Curry Fries & Mayo #52 / March 25, 2010)

5. Health care reform passed this past Sunday night. On Monday, the sun rose and set. The world did not end. I’m not trying to belittle the passions that arise on both sides of this issue. Just adding a touch of perspective. Some people seem so wrapped up in the politics of an issue that they miss the big picture. They miss the issues that are more important. And, they miss how they can truly make an impact locally and globally on a tangible issue. Simply joining a Facebook group about how you are for/against an issue doesn’t strike me as being involved with that particular issue. (Curry Fries & Mayo #52 / March 25, 2010)

4. I walked into Amsterdam, kind of frustrated, but someone came up to me and introduced himself to me. I didn’t know them. They said they read my blog, and we talked for awhile. I feel great now. (Thanks William!) (Curry Fries & Mayo #58 / May 20, 2010)

3. The last College World Series at Rosenblatt Stadium is going on. I’m starting to wonder if all the Rosenblatt memories are becoming a bit over the top. It’s always been about the teams, players, fans and of course Omaha. Nostalgia is nice, but the CWS will be just fine next year. Why? It’s in Omaha, and the people here that make it a success aren’t going anywhere. (Curry Fries & Mayo #60 / June 25, 2010)

2. I’m not sure about this, but I think I’m coming around to the idea of Nebraska being in the Big 10. Granted, the Big 10 has to extend an invitation to Nebraska for it to be reality. As much as Nebraska fans want a return to the times of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, those times aren’t returning. The Big 8 is long gone, and that was made clear when the Big 12 started. The Big 12 is all about Texas. Nebraska would have more of a voice and influence in the Big 10 than it does the Big 12. How could Nebraska join the Big 10 despites its (alleged) academic shortcomings? It all comes down to money. While Nebraska wouldn’t generate as much income for the Big 10 like Texas, or Notre Dame, it would generate more money than any other conceivable school that could join. Nebraska has a national following and its football program generates tons of revenue. If Nebraska joined the Big 10, the conference would arguably have four of the top ten college football programs of all-time. (Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio St. and Penn St.) Nebraska needs to be proactive, instead of waiting around and possibly being irrelevant after the smoke clears with conference expansion/alignment. Nebraska needs to lead, and not let Texas dictate its future and best interests. (Curry Fries & Mayo #48 / February 15, 2010)

1. Last week, Duncan told Jana that he loves God, and he learned how to do a Darth Vader impression. For some reason, that combination makes me smile in a multitude of ways. (Curry Fries & Mayo #67 / October 18, 2010)

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