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I’m grateful that people take the time to read what I write. People sometimes ask me, and some of them in a mocking tone, “Who reads your blog”? I don’t know. Well, I know some people who do, but this past year I had 6,000 unique visitors to the blog. (Last year, it was 3,600 unique visitors.) Those 6,000 visitors came from over 100 countries and territories. For some, that’s an hour’s worth of traffic, but for my blog it’s solid.

I don’t worry about the analytics of the blog, but it does reveal what people are reading. It shows me what search terms bring people to the blog. It interests me in that regard. And, this past year, it surprised me with what it revealed.

I posted 229 times on RamHatter, including this one, in 2010. These were the top twelve visited posts this year. Those of you who have told me that only Lost fans read my blog will be a bit disappointed.

12. One More Thing (September 16) – It’s nice to know that people are excited that Jana and I are pregnant again. Boy #3 will be here sometime in late March.

11. Christ Community Church & Core Community (June 20) – One of the coolest developments this past year was seeing signs of deepening unity between churches in the Omaha area. It’s a bit funny that God used me, and others, to strengthen the ties between CCC and Core. Funny because over six years ago I had no idea about Core and never had attended a service at CCC. It’s been great getting to know and working with the people at Core. Solid church that’s doing good things in the area. More importantly, lives are being transformed their at Core. I hope CCC and Core can work together on some projects in the future.

T10. Double Your Impact: Simplify (September 22) – CCC launched Double Your Impact this past year. Surrounding the launch were a number of events that were part information and part entertaining. One of the events was Simplify, which had Joshua Becker speaking at it. Joshua is the Student Pastor at Essex Alliance Church in Essex, Vermont. He also writes and manages the blog Becoming Minimalist. At the Simplify event, Joshua shared his story of how he became a minimalist. It’s a challenging and inspiring story for Americans to hear. I was glad I attended the event.

T10. Leadership Summit (Session 1 – Bill Hybels) (August 5) – I don’t know if you can be under appreciated when you are the Lead Pastor of a church that has 23,000 attending your weekend services, but Bill Hybels just may be. Willow Creek isn’t talked about as much in evangelical circles anymore, but they keep doing good stuff. One of the best things they do is Leadership Summit, and one of the best speakers at the event is always Bill Hybels. Always.

8. Reconciliation Between CCC and Trinity (March 22) – One of the coolest things I witnessed this past year was the public reconciliation between Christ Community Church and Trinity Interdenominational. Having endured a ministry split when I was a missionary, they are nasty affairs where everyone is hurt to a degree. The damage is long lasting. Seeing this reconciliation gave me hope. It also encouraged me. I’m glad is strengthening the unity amongst churches in Omaha. Hopefully with churches working together, churches can better serve Omaha.

7. “Across The Sea” – Lost 6×15 Thoughts (May 12) – The first of two Lost recap blog posts that make this list. This post was also one of the more commented upon posts. Why? Well, this episode was anticipated by Losties from the moment the smoke monster appeared and the moment there was the first Jacob reference. We were told the backstory of Jacob and the Man In Black in this episode. It’s funny to go back and read the recap now because even though the finale was near, I had no idea what was going on. I thought I did, but I didn’t.

6. “The End” – Lost 6×17 Thoughts (May 24) – The 12,000+ word post about the Lost series finale. And I still think I did a poor job of recapping it. I didn’t like the finale, and I’m in the minority with that opinion. I still would like to write another post about the end of the series. I will. Maybe in another life, brotha’.

5. Big Omaha: Day 2 (AM) (May 14) – Looking back, I wish I would have done a separate recap for all of the speakers that morning. The time I had to write, over the lunch hour, was limited since I wanted to get the post up for those who were following Big Omaha online. The biggest draw to the post was Scott Harrison. His presentation was one of the best I’ve ever seen. I thought David Hauser did a good job as well, but it kind of got lost after Scott shared.

4. How You Can Win The Black Rock (July 1) – While not as big as the previous Lost contest I held a year ago, I still had a lot of interest from Losties in winning a free Daniel Danger print. I was glad that someone I’ve come to know through Lost won the contest. I like the idea of doing cool giveaways on the blog, and hope to do another one in 2011.

3. Big Omaha: Day 3 (Melody McCloskey) (May 16) – One of the things people will remember from Big Omaha 2010 was Melody’s remark about people needing to move to Boston, Boulder, Chicago, New York City or San Francisco if they wanted to succeed. She didn’t clarify the remark well, or provide context of what she meant in saying it. The remark set people off, but did generate a number of conversations about a topic that is touchy to many Midwesterners. I talked with her after her presentation and blogged about it. In our conversation, she provided a bit more depth to her remarks. I respected her taking the time to talk to different people, like me, who wanted to understand what she meant. Because of my post, where I provided Melody’s clarification and context of her remarks, I caught some grief. I did my best to respond to people’s remarks online and offline. I don’t think Melody meant entirely what she said about people needing to move, but that’s my opinion. She did do a lot to generate conversation and thought about Omaha and its role with business, creatives and entrepreneurs.

2. Big Omaha: Day 3 (Tony Hsieh) (May 16) – I didn’t know much about Tony Hsieh and Zappos before Big Omaha, but afterward I walked away impressed with what Tony and his company are about.* I thought there was a lot in his presentation that is applicable to my ministry work. Churches would do well to sit through a presentation by Tony. I liked his talk so much that I made time to hear him again when he came through on the Delivering Happiness Bus Tour.

*For the record, the last day of Big Omaha was strong with Dennis Crowley, Melody McCloskey and Tony Hsieh.

1. How To Animate With Keynote (October 1) – I never would’ve guessed this would be the most read post on the blog in 2010. And, it’s not even close. It received over five times the traffic than my post on Tony Hsieh at Big Omaha, which is surprising since it’s only been posted for three months. I’m ecstatic this post has been read by a lot of people, and been referred to on other blogs. I’ve been helped a lot with my work by others who post “how-tos” with creative work. I’m glad I can give back and help others with their creative work. I hope to do more posts like this in 2011.

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