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I introduced the concept of The Hatter’s Dozen almost three weeks ago. So why not roll out more posts? Because 2010 is still going on. Why write a wrap-up post about a topic when it could be affected by the last few weeks of the year? I have drafts for a number of posts, which will be released this final week of 2010. Including this one, Twitter.

So far in 2010, I’ve tweeted 4,161 times. This averages out to 11.4 tweets a day.

While I wasn’t thorough, I did my best to go over all my tweets of 2010. Here are the twelve that resonate from those 4,000+.

12. In one quarter, #Mizzou knows one of the reasons why the #Big10 invited the #Huskers to join. #NUvsMU (October 30, 2010) – Watching Husker games is even more fun now because of the interaction I have with Twitter friends. (Here’s just a few of the Husker tweeps I can think of off the top of my head. @aaronweiche, @shartley, @rdqlus_creative, @micahyost, @noahyost, @danholke, @j_allen, @sergioleone and even @TomShatelOWH and I have exchanged a few Husker tweets.) There aren’t particular tweets I think of, but rather particular conversations. Discussions about Taylor Martinez, Ed Cunningham, Big 10, offensive struggles, Bo Pelini, and much, much more. It’s an added element that I like about watching the games now. With all the craziness of the 2010 season, it was fun to be talking to fellow Husker fans about the program.

Of course, it was funny to watch Missouri’s posturing for a Big 10 invite, from afar, and then seeing them backtrack when they realized they never were in the running. Also funny? Seeing Nebraska take them to the woodshed in the first quarter of their game this past season.

11. Liam getting a haircut while holding a baby bunny I found in the yard. Yep. #fb (July 24, 2010) – Sometimes you have those random moments that you wish you could document. This was one of them for me. This bunny would be the first of six babies we’d find in the backyard.

10. Okay, is the carousel feature just mentioned at #AppleEvent inspired by Don Draper? Funny if it was. #MadMen (October 20, 2010) – As with watching Husker games, it’s fun to interact with other people, on Twitter, when an event is going on. When Apple holds an event, it’s going to be a busy day on Twitter. Lots of instantaneous thoughts and feedback regarding whatever Steve Jobs is unveiling. While the iPad event probably generated more tweets, this tweet is from the October event when Apple released the MacBook Air. Since Apple is smooth with their design, style and marketing, when I heard a new feature of theirs is called the “carousel”, I immediately thought of the critical hit show Mad Men. Apple and Mad Men are not the number one watched/used product in their field, but they are considered number one by a majority of critics in that field. With Apple, the carousel is a feature within iPhoto. With Mad Men, the carousel is the source of one of the iconic scenes from the show.

9. Didn’t realize 30% of the people I followed on Twitter were “real” #Butler fans. #MyThirdCousinsRoommatesUncleWentToButlerSoImATrueFan (March 27, 2010) – Whenever there is a major event, people go to Twitter to share their thoughts. I’m reminded of Michael Jackson’s death and how seemingly everyone on Twitter was “the biggest Michael Jackson fan”, even though they probably hadn’t listened to him in years and thought he was a bit of a freak. People want in on whatever the trend is of the day, they want to be seen as “legitimate” when talking about/for/against it.

So when Butler’s men’s basketball team made their run to the NCAA Championship, it was amusing to me read all sorts of tweets from people about Butler. One theme that kept coming up was how someone was a “real fan” of Butler because of some concocted reason of theirs. Most of these people probably couldn’t name one player off the team, but they were “real fans”. Whatever. I wish people would know they can be a part of the Twitter conversation without having to make up stuff as to why they want to talk about it.

8. Would like to reset the morning, if possible, just like I would when playing NBA Jam, back in the day, when I was about to lose a game. (March 5, 2010) – One of my favorite games of all time is NBA Jam. When playing it on the Sega Genesis, the compter would have the knack of making ridiculous plays to overcome big deficits in the fourth quarter to win the game. This would frustrate me, so I’d usually hit reset on the console so the game data wouldn’t be saved.

I can’t recall what was going on that day, so maybe in my mind the day did reset.

7. On-call pastor today. Met with someone earlier who needed some hope. Often I’m not sure what to say. I listen, I share, we pray, and I hope. (November 12, 2010) – It’s tricky figuring out what to tweet when it comes to ministry matters. Obviously, I want people I meet with to feel safe in sharing with me. There are also times where what I’m dealing with is heavy in its content. It’s part of my life, and I know others would want to pray for the situation. This on-call meeting was one where I listened, and did some conversing, with someone that walked in and wanted to meet with a pastor. We met for over an hour. They were ready to throw down with God at the outset of our conversation. By the end, things were better. What happened after that? I don’t know. I hope and pray for the best.

6. ME: I’m getting old. LIAM: When people get older do we throw them away? (November 27, 2010) – I probably could compile an additional list of tweets that relate to things my boys say and do. There’s nothing I could say that could add to this.

5. My evening- Found out Liam has mono. Drove later & car wouldn’t shut off. Key is stuck. Pulled wire off battery to turn off. Me angry. #FAIL (July 30, 2010) – This was a bad day. It started off with not getting much sleep because of Liam coughing all night. When I checked on him during the night, I see he has coughed up blood. Jana takes him to the doctor, and they don’t know what is wrong with him. They recommend seeing a specialist, and the specialist decides, on a whim, to give him a blood test. The test comes back positive for mono. Relief that we know what is wrong with him, but made for a tough couple of days in trying to provide comfort for him.
Then, as I drove to Target to get some stuff for Liam that evening, the car doesn’t shut off. Praying, hoping, pleading, hitting the wheel of the car, yelling…I had no idea what to do. I drove home and a neighbor helped me out in advising me what to do. Two days later, I’m laying in bed having a borderline anxiety attack. All this is going on, and Jana and I had just found out we were pregnant. I was wrestling with how I was going to provide for my family. The worst has passed, but those few days, and the tension I felt, will always be remembered.

4. It’s 1:00 AM, still writing the recap, and I’m only 23 minutes into the episode. This is going to be a long recap… #Lost (March 24, 2010) – I did a lot of blogging about Lost during its final season. After an episode played, I’d be up for a few hours writing a recap about it. As the season progressed, the recaps started becoming more detailed and elaborate. This particular recap was long because the episode, “Ab Aeterno”, was one of my favorites. However, as I was writing it, I was wondering who actually read them. Was it worth staying up late to write the recap? I tweeted out the above tweet. A few minutes later I heard back from a Lost fan telling me how they were looking forward to reading my recap. Game on. I finished out the recap with zeal. I would do this for the rest of the season with the recaps. I often heard from Lost fans, right after an episode premiered, that they were looking forward to reading my recaps. It was rewarding to write them and then hear from people afterward. While I was disappointed in the ending of Lost, it was a fun ride this past season writing the recaps and interacting with Lost fans.

3. @TonyBoselli Tony, thanks for taking some time to answer tweets. I know you have a busy day with the game ahead. God bless. cc @SI_PeterKing (October 24, 2010) – It’s not often you tweet someone with a lot of followers and get a rapid response. Peter King had tweeted out something about Tony Boselli thinking it’s okay for his sons to play football despite all the concussion news. I tweeted Peter back something along the lines of Tony being able to understand us dads out here not being sure about their sons playing football. A few minutes later, Tony had tweeted me about the topic and we exchanged a few tweets about concussions and what can be done to help with prevention. The interesting thing with this was it transpired on a Sunday morning. Tony was getting ready to announce an NFL game when he was tweeting me, so I was surprised we had the conversation. Very cool, though.

2. What? There’s a game tonight at Rosenblatt? Who are these @OmahaRoyals? I thought Rosenblatt closed right after this #CWS? #sarcasm (July 2, 2010) – The emotional talk about the last College World Series at Rosenblatt became over the top for me. I began to hate it. Every time I heard about what someone’s scenario of a perfect CWS ending would be for the last year at Rosenblatt, I would hope it wouldn’t happen. People were disappointed certain teams didn’t make the CWS. Well you know what? The teams that deserved to be there this year won. USC or Texas isn’t given a free pass just because they’ve been there a lot before.
I never thought Rosenblatt made the CWS special in Omaha. I thought it was the people. It still is the people. Yes, Rosenblatt was a nice stadium, but it didn’t create the memories. It was Omaha, it was the players, it was the fans. Rosenblatt was the beneficiary of all that. It’s a nice stadium, but it didn’t make the CWS what it is.
This last year at the Blatt was frustrating because I wanted to read about the teams, but some sportswriters kept pushing the “End of Rosenblatt”. Maybe they did this because they didn’t know South Carolina or UCLA, the two teams that played in the championship. So instead of doing some journalistic work, they wrote the easy story.
Throughout the CWS, the promos on ESPN made you think the stadium was being torn down once the CWS ended. (Like former mayor Mike Fahey was waiting to push a button to implode the place.) It wasn’t just ESPN. Locals talked about it in the same light. If people really cared for Rosenblatt, like they said they did, they probably should’ve gone to an Omaha Royals game every now and then.
Just a hunch, but I’m guessing there will be plenty of new CWS memories at TD Ameritrade Park in downtown Omaha.

1. When the prediction came it was to be a mild winter, sure they factored in the -20 degree day w/ -37 wind chill. Not to mention 2 blizzards. (January 4, 2010) – I still laugh at how local meteorologists were trying to spin last winter’s weather as mild in the early going. Many of them had predicted a mild winter, but when December came and dumped mounds of snow on the area it was allegedly just a blip for the winter. Then the cold came and settled in once 2010 started. Some meteorologists were still trying to spin it as an aberration. They didn’t want to admit defeat, or rather admit that forecasting is an educated guess. I know it can be a tough and thankless job, but when the data shows it hasn’t been a mild winter, just admit as much. The mild winter ended up being on one of the worst winters ever in the area.

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