My new favorite Boston Red Sox player? Carl Crawford. Besides being a unique talent, he is also a former Husker football recruit. He was slated to be the QB, but then was drafted to play baseball right out of high school. I’m glad the Red Sox splurged to sign him. I’ll enjoy watching him play the next seven years.

Weird blizzard this past weekend. Not much snow, but crazy wind. The driving wind hammered the house all day Saturday. Part of our gutter in the back of the house is loose, and we could hear it constantly. Reminded me of the foghorn sound from Inception.

My fantasy football playoff streak continues. The years I’ve been active I’ve always made the playoffs. This year, I was in three different leagues, and made the playoffs in all three. Particularly proud of making the playoffs in the league where I started off 0-3. That league is also the most cutthroat of the three.*

*12.14.2010 – I ended up not making the playoffs in one of the leagues. First, I misread the tiebreakers. Second, I ended up losing this past weekend. A combination of Aaron Rodgers getting KO’d in his game, my opponent having a WR (Derrick Mason) easily have his best week of the season and his DST (Baltimore Ravens) scoring two touchdowns last night in Monday Night Football did me in. Time to start a new streak!

I don’t follow volleyball, but I want the Huskers women’s team to do well. I was bummed to see they were upset in the NCAA tournament. Huskers coach John Cook made a big deal about a crucial point going against them. He made a remark about it to the Washington coach and nearly caused an ugly scene. The only problem? The point he was referring to was called correctly. If you’re going to make a stink about a call, you better make sure you’re right.

Coaches of the two prominent athletic programs at Nebraska haven’t been drawing the kind of attention they’d like to be in recent weeks. In both situations we don’t have all the information, but what we do have doesn’t reflect well on either program or the university.

So, if you don’t like to support national chains, like Wal-Mart, Target and McDonald’s, how do you justify shopping at Starbucks or Trader Joe’s? Saying, “It’s different” doesn’t cut it.

Had an enjoyable time this past Friday night at KANEKO’s fund raiser. Good to connect with friends in the community and support a great place.

Wow. Today’s food from Amsterdam hit the spot! Kabob and fries. Awesome.

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