It’s amazing to me how quickly we can forget moments of joy and heartbreak. I can stress about a situation, even though I’ve been in that situation before and came through it with flying colors. Yet, I’ve forgotten how I was helped, taken care of, and provided for in that situation.

One year ago, my family went through a bit of a crisis when over the course of a few weeks my wife fractured her leg and I had a heart attack scare. Three moments stick out to me.

  1. The day Jana fractured her leg and we were in the ER. I was wondering how I was going to take care of my family and work at the same time. 
  2. In Ohio on a Monday evening and being driven to the local clinic that caters to Amish. We’re not sure if I’m having a heart attack. My mind is racing. I’m trying to keep calm as my boys ride with us. I’m praying for Jana and the boys, that they’d be taken care of in case anything happens to me.
  3. Numerous random acts of kindness from strangers toward my family.

I know we had family and friends help us out, and I’m grateful for that. Still, I recall the people that helped us out that I did not know. The strangers I knew online or in the community. The people that prayed for us and checked up on us. It’s a moment that is comprised of little moments. A number of those strangers became friends. (Thank you!) It’s probably the moment that sticks out the most now.

Within three months of Jana’s injury, she was walking. My diagnosis was not a heart attack, and I had no signs of heart disease or blood clots. Quickly, we forgot the tumult of late 2009. It was interesting because people would ask us how our health was, early in 2010, and I had forgotten about what we battled just a few months previous.

We got through that time. I had no idea at the outset how it would happen, but it did happen. God provided. God also provided through numerous acts of love, prayers and service through countless individuals. It wasn’t always easy, but we got through that time. It’s good to reflect on that, especially when tough times come again.

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