It may be torture, but there’s something good about talking with fellow Husker fans regarding the team’s demise against Oklahoma and with the bowl game selection. Phil and I just riffed on the current state of affairs with the Huskers.

In any field, you can make a critique against someone in it. If you are not of that field, though, your criticism will carry less weight. Is this justified? It depends. If the criticism is way off base, then yeah it is justified. But if the criticism is legitimate, is saying, “what do you know, you aren’t in this field” just a smokescreen? I think this happens a lot in sports. Coaches and athletes will be questioned about a point, and the question is strong. Instead of answering the question, and looking bad, the coach or athlete will sidestep it by pointing out the questioner’s lack of pedigree. “What do you know? You didn’t coach/play!” Maybe they didn’t play or coach, but that doesn’t cancel out the question. Answer it.

In six months I’ve almost doubled my amount of Facebook friends without really trying. It took effort to get my Facebook friends under 300, but when I gave up on that mission it was easy to splurge on Facebook friends again.

Seeing someone walk in here with a Leo Tolstoy book under their arm is not in the least bit surprising.

It’s turning into a December rite for me, trying to burn vacation days. The past few years I’m always trying to use up excess days in December, just to get down to the maximum five days I can roll over. That was a small task I did this morning, mapping out my December schedule.

I think this Christmas season I will spend less than I ever have since high-school. Encouraging in one sense, because I’m not wasting money. Sad as well, since I have wasted a lot of money over past Christmas seasons. I don’t begrudge those that do go all-out, I don’t know their situation. I just know mine, and I’ve made foolish purchases over the years when Christmas has rolled around.

Boston Red Sox acquiring Adrian Gonzalez? I like it.

Liam would like the movie Elf. I think I like the idea of showing Liam Elf as long as I have the remote nearby. I don’t know if Jana likes the idea of showing Liam Elf this season. If we were to watch it with him, how will it change our perception of the film? I know Jana and I think a lot less of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer after showing it to Liam. It’s not that it was bad, but rather dark. Plus, Rudolph is shamed and abandoned by his father and there is never a true reconciliation. The same thing happened when I started showing Liam It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Turned it off after a few minutes.

Good to be back at Amsterdam.

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