I wrote earlier in the week about my anxiety doing baby dedications at work. What use to give me a lot of stress and anxiety was watching the boys on my own. I remember the first time Jana was away for a night and I had Liam to myself. I remember plotting out every waking minute. And now, Jana left town yesterday and won’t be back till Monday. Liam went with her, so it’s just Duncan and I for a few days. I haven’t worried at all. I took yesterday off so I could spend it with him. It was the first time Duncan and I ever had extended one-on-one time. It was wonderful.

I read an article about food from Five Guys having a lot of calories. (It was referred to as “food porn”.) In other breaking news, most people from Nebraska are Husker football fans.

Glad to see Felix Hernandez get the AL Cy Young award. While those that vote on these awards can’t go back and revote on years where deserving winners were shafted, it’s nice to see voters look beyond the win column in determining a pitcher’s value.

The new trailer for Cars 2 was released earlier in the week. The trailer doesn’t give the idea that this will be one of Pixar’s stronger films, and yet there hasn’t been a Pixar film, outside of Toy Story 3, that I have been more excited to see. Why? My boys. I showed them the trailer and they were ready to see it that moment. Liam is excited to go back to the theater to see a movie, and it will be Duncan’s first jaunt to the theater as well. Should be fun.

Nice to get some curry fries and mayo again. Time to get my version of a butterbeer, a Hot Apple Blast from Caribou Coffee.

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