Well, before we get to the gender of the baby, and a pic, some background.

When we announced we were pregnant, people were excited for us. Of course, I always remember some of the ridiculous comments that are made. Some are good, but some leave me shaking my head. Two of the more dominant comments were variations of:

  • “You two really like kids.”
  • “I bet you’re hoping for a girl.”

Yes, we do really like kids. However, we really liked kids before we had kids. We still really liked kids when it was just Liam. And, we really liked kids when it was just Liam and Duncan. The amount of kids we have doesn’t change that.

The second comment is almost a way to instigate an argument with me. In fact, some friends of mine know this and have said it to me.* I’ve managed to respond better. Since I’ve done it so many times, though, I’ve got my argument down pat as to why we don’t care if it is a boy or girl. We don’t believe or think we are missing out on life if we just have boys. We just hope and pray that are baby is healthy in all aspects, and even if that doesn’t happen we still will love and cherish our baby. They will be a gift from God regardless.

*Like poking a pitbull with a stick.

It’s funny, as I’ve made my argument to more and more people, I’ve had a handful of people thank me for saying what I do. They are parents that have either all boys or all girls and have probably heard the same thing that I’ve heard. They’ve been told the same lie, that they are missing out on life because all their kids are either boys or girls. They appreciate being reminded that their kids, whether all boys or all girls, are wonderful.* They are each, individually, a special gift from God with their own unique traits and characteristics.

*It’s sad this is a reality for people, especially Christians who hear it from other Christians.

In recent days, I’ve found myself being anxious. Why? Well, the baby. I knew the ultrasound was coming up, but I was also wondering about how the baby was doing. Was it okay? This past Sunday I was leading the Baby Dedication class at work, and a number of the babies being dedicated spent time in the NICU. It just had me wondering all the more if our baby was okay.

As we were walking into the clinic this morning I was anxious about the baby’s health, but I was also incredibly at peace about whether or not we were going to have a boy or girl. This wasn’t the case last time. I found that interesting as we walked into the clinic.

Well, we checked in and went right into the ultrasound room. Within a minute we saw the baby on the monitor. Clear as day we saw it, and we even saw it yawn. The baby’s motion, detail and activity were pronounced. And we saw right away that we were going to have another boy. Jana and I remarked later that we were surprised. We didn’t have a leaning either way, and we would’ve been overjoyed if we were having a girl, but still we’re surprised that we are having a boy.

The rest of the ultrasound I just stared at the monitor. I had no idea what I was looking at half the time, being told that various black splotches are vital organs.* I was looking at the monitor while listening to the ultrasound tech’s tone. I was listening to her tone to see if everything was good. Her tone was upbeat. At one point, there was a slight hesitation when talking about an organ, but then she was upbeat again.

*How did I not know that was a kidney?

As things looked promising for our boy, I found myself figuring out the probabilities of having three boys.* In one sense, prior history is not a factor in determining if you will have a boy or girl. It is still roughly a 1 in 2 guess. Yet, as the tech was telling me all about the diaphragm, I was doing math in my head about the percentages with having three kids that are all boys.

*If you know my dad’s side of the family, this detail is not surprising at all.

If I remember correctly, I take 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2. That is 1/8, 12.5%. With having three kids, there are eight possibilities as to the gender and the order they would be in. Knowing those odds, when you have three kids there is an 87.5% chance you will have at least one girl. This was part of the reason I was surprised. Even though I know each baby’s gender is not decided by previous siblings, the percentages weighed heavily that we’d be having at least one girl if we had three kids. Nope, and Jana and I couldn’t be happier.*

*To those who truly are disappointed we aren’t having a girl. Get over it.**

**I know it was unintentional, but a few at the clinic were a bit downcast that we weren’t having a girl since we have two boys already. Jana and I both picked up on it.

After the ultrasound, we met with the doctor. Our son’s health is fine. Everything is good.

We came home and told the boys. Liam had talked about having a baby sister at times, so I wondered how he’d respond. He was excited. “We’re going to have a baby brother”! Whew.

So, that’s the latest. I’ll post more later, including more pics, but wanted you to know that we’ll be having another boy.

Murphy boy #3, yawning at the outset of the ultrasound.

5 thoughts on “Our Third Baby Is…

  1. So happy for you, Jana, Liam and Duncan. We had two boys and then adopted from Korea. When we started the process we said “either” sex – because we figured that God knew exactly who was supposed to be the 5th member of our family, and why bother second guessing. We were matched with a girl – and of course she is a delight and a joy, but it does strike me funny when people assumed we adopted because we wanted/needed a girl. We adopted because we wanted to have another child, not because I had a need to dress someone in pink and figure out how to do braids (which by the way is trickier than you might think).

    Blessings to all of you!


  2. Robert,

    Kris is great when you need to do braids…but if you want info on how to live with boys talk to the Yosts lol…By the way I was the third boy, and when they got to me things started to slide a littel in the household…don't let that happen, “Rule with an Iron Fist”! I loved meeting your two boys this past weekend and are happy for you guys to have another…and to the best posative of all…ANOTHER HUSKER LOVER IS BORN!


  3. Noah,

    There are many thoughts and stories to tell from yesterday. Another one is that during the latter part of the ultrasound I thought to myself, “We're following the Yost family plan!” I then thought this boy is our “Noah Yost”. So, when I told your dad yesterday I said, “Jana and I are following the Steve and Timaree family plan.” His eyes lit up, he was excited and told me there is nothing better. He loves all you guys, and then proceeded to tell me a sports story that coincided with all your births. Awesome.


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