I know it’s probably just me, but where is the snow?! Come on now! Where is the snow?! Where is the cold?!

Experiencing a free trial month of Netflix at the moment. Jana and I aren’t sure if we are going to make the plunge with it, especially at a time when we are careful with our expenses. However, the ability to stream Netflix online is awesome. I can stream movies and shows on my laptop, iPod Touch and Nintendo Wii. I bought Lost Season Six on iTunes, earlier in the year, and what I paid for that could almost cover what it’d cost to get Netflix for the year. Jana and I have talked about doing Netflix instead of purchasing Friday Night Lights. We’ll see what we do.

I’m selling some sentimental Pearl Jam shirts on eBay. Shirts I’ve had since 1992. I think the sixteen year old version of me would be surprised that I’m selling them. The current version of me wonders what took so long. Someone offered me $100 for the four shirts I’m selling. I declined.

I was watching the Nebraska-Iowa State game with the Yost boys. (Steve, Micah and Noah) When Niles Paul fumbled the kickoff return we all had the same thought. “Why did it have to be Niles?” Trying too hard after returning a kick he should have kneeled for a touchback. Oh well. Huskers found a way to win on the road with their third string quarterback.

I’ve been reading a lot lately. It’s nice to get back in that groove. I had a stack of books that have been waiting to read. Finally carved out some time in the evenings to read. I am working my way through The Book Of Basketball.

In the spirit of TOMS shoes, I like this Mashable post highlighting ten other companies that do “buy one give one” projects.

More to come…

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