Since Double Your Impact’s Commitment Sunday on 10.10.10, work has been less intense. I’ve been asked to produce three different creative video projects since then.* Here’s a rundown on them and where they are currently at in production.

*That’s less intense?! (Yes, yes it is.)

Project #1 is a piece I’ve called “noise/silence”. It’s for the upcoming message series Soul Care. The video will play November 28 and the idea was inspired by the NOOMA video Noise. My bosses wanted something similar to Noise, but I wasn’t sure about that. Even though that video is only five years old, it is outdated.*

*Kind of proving the point about “noise”. You’ll see.

I wrote a script and had intended to have a camera shadow a family throughout a day while a narrator is in the scene doing the talking. The idea was solid. However, since we don’t have Jay around anymore to do video editing, the idea had to be reworked. I retooled the script, and the new idea will work just as well.

We will be shooting the footage for this in a couple of weeks, but I’ve finished up most everything else. How is that possible? There is some typography with it on the back end. The typography was done in Keynote again. And the score? Originally, I was going to use some of the new Tron: Legacy score that Daft Punk did. While I was working on the typography, I was listening to another soundtrack and thought that music might work better. When I put it into Keynote and synced it up to the typography, it did work better.

Watching a preview of the typography in Keynote.

This will be one of those pieces that I will be interested to see the audience’s response to.

Project #2 is a music video of sorts for the Christmas Eve services at Christ Community Church. The song will be performed live at the service, but with the screen setup at the services there will be a video backdrop to the song. I’m helping to direct and produce that video backdrop. The video will be of the singer going through Omaha’s Old Market at Christmastime. So, while I have a rough idea of how I want the video to look, it’s hard to gauge it since leaves are still on the trees and the lights aren’t up yet at Gene Leahy Mall and The Old Market. In a holding pattern until then.

Me being a grumpy stand-in version of our singer for the storyboard.

Project #3 is a montage of classic Christmas movies that will be the backdrop for another three songs during the Christmas Eve services. The fun part of this project? Watching Christmas movies.* Throughout the video there will be no audio, except for snippets from the movies. I’ve already made a list of movies I’d like to sample from, and received some suggestions after soliciting them.

*I started listening to Christmas music this past weekend.

That’s the latest with the video projects. I’ve done about as much as I can with the first two, for the time being. The third project I’ll work on the side for the next few weeks. I have plenty of time to piece it all the clips together.

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