I think I’ve had more conversations about the Huskers match-up with Missouri than I did when the Huskers played Texas. I should clarify, more conversations during their respective game weeks.

You know, I’ve been surprised how many Huskers games I have been able to watch despite not having cable. We don’t miss cable.
Jana and I have taken six boxes worth of books, dvds and cds to Half-Price Books over the past month. It’s another thing we do not miss.
Duncan really likes Superman. I really have no idea how this came about. The only thing I can think of…well, I know how it happened. I would show him, and Liam, the Superman video I created a few years ago. And, I will show them the scene from Superman Returns where Superman saves an airplane from crashing. Still, I was surprised when Duncan started singing the theme to Superman recently on his own.
I attended another event at KANEKO this past Wednesday evening. I’ll be writing a post about it, but it was interesting to hear some of the opinions shared about artists and creativity.
I read a recent interview with Lee Unkrich, the director of Toy Story 3. He commented on one thing he’d change with the movie, and I was glad to read about this. His change was the one thing I’d nitpick about the film, the absence of Bo Peep.
I’m glad I don’t hear the hysteria I use to about Halloween amongst Christians. Jana and I will be sitting in our driveway, talking to neighbors, and handing out candy to the kids.

Awhile back I wrote a post about the pilot episode of Caprica. Well, I wrote part one of the post. I never did get around to part two. I hope to, but time is an issue. Also, I’m just not as motivated as I was with Lost. The Caprica episode was fine, but it wasn’t as impressive as Battlestar Galactica. Granted, that is a hard act to follow.

Glad to see the Celtics beat the Heat on opening night in the NBA.

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