I’ve been to a few events at KANEKO (Big Omaha, Nicholas Kristof, Josh Cooley), and they’ve always been an entertaining, inspiring and challenging mix. That will continue in January 2011, when Greg Mortenson will speak at KANEKO. I know it’s three months away, but I’m excited to hear his presentation.

I first heard of Greg in 2009. I was watching ABC News, and they were doing their Friday feature of Person Of The Week. They honored Greg Mortenson on that day, and in those three minutes I became fascinated by his story. Here’s the video. (Click here if the video doesn’t appear.)

I thought he had an amazing story. If you watch news, you come across these brief profiles a lot. There have been very few that have captured my imagination. (I can only think of three right away: Ben Carson, Bill Porter and Greg Mortenson.)

His commitment to his work, and the ripple effects of it, has challenged many and caused people to rethink approaches to a number of things. Education, war, peace, cross-cultural relations. (U.S. military leaders are having their personnel read Mortenson’s book, about his work in Afghanistan and Pakistan, so they can be better equipped in that region of the world.)

Even though it’s three months away, I wanted to mention it now. I look forward to attending. For more information on the event, click here.

If you’d like to know more about Greg, here’s an interview with him about his work. (Click here if the video doesn’t appear.)

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