Here’s the latest animation I created and produced that played in this morning’s services. I did it in Keynote. So, as I put it, I “cheated animation”.

In my notes, I started the research for this video on August 24. I was trying to find expenses that most people could relate to and find interesting. We had done something a few years ago when CCC was raising a million dollars for the Hospital for Women and Children in Mali. However, we never went into detail about the savings. So, I calculated it.

I figured out savings with cutting expenses with Starbucks, iTunes, Netflix, dates, tech purchases, vacations, fuel, food, cable/internet and more. Here are some of the expenses and savings that didn’t make the final cut. (Some of them have the 1 year and 3 year expenses.)

  • Netflix – $108/$324
  • iTunes (buying 1 song a day) – $360-$470/$1,084-$1,412
  • Movies for two with food (once a month) – $360/$1080
  • saving a tank of gas a month – $360-$600/$1080-$1800
  • U.S. spends 6% of its income eating out.
  • U.S. spends 881 billion on recreation.

I also found some ridiculous purchases, like the Rosebud sled from Citizen Kane being bought for $60,000. The DHARMA van from Lost being bought for $50,000.

Because of the number of projects I was working on at the time, the project was put on hold till the middle of September. I sent a list of my research to my boss, and it was approved. I hadn’t been given much direction with the project. I was told to do another one of my typography type animations. I was given a link to a video I had seen before, though, and perhaps base it of that. It was key because it did give me one last bit of info for the video. (U.S. spending on Christmas.) I did a quick outline of what I wanted, and started laying it out in Keynote.

Most of it came together in one day, which was nice since I had other projects to tend to. I used a number of tricks to do the video. (To know more about the tricks, read this post about how I use Keynote to cheat the look of animation.)

Picking music I thought might be problematic. I wasn’t finding the right songs. Some of the working list of songs I had were:

  • “Catch My Disease (That’s The Way I Like It)” by Ben Lee
  • “Here It Goes Again” by OK Go
  • “78 Eastonwood Green” by Rich Mullins
  • “Bustin’ Surfboards” by The Tornados

As well as some songs that always make the working list on any project I produce, but never end up being the score for the project:

  • “Fragile” (Theme from the Trailer to “Solaris”)
  • “Chinese Penguins” by Jazzupstarts
  • “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay
  • “Trahison” by Vitalic

However, as I was scrolling through my iTunes library, once I saw this song I knew it was what I wanted to use. My concern was with the track being given the okay by my leaders. When I played the rough cut of the video to them, they liked it: The Beatles’ “Revolution”.

I remember “Revolution” being the track to a Nike Air commercial when I was a kid. For some reason, I thought it would fit well with the video. It did. Originally, I wanted to use the version of “Revolution” from the Love soundtrack, but that track wasn’t long enough. So, I went with the old school version.

Once the file was finished in Keynote, I exported it as a Quicktime movie. I then took the movie into Motion so I could fine-tune the transitions with the cues.

I was pleased with the final product. As some of you know, I’ve recently walked through one of the video’s examples of giving something up to save money. Both times I showed the video to Steve Yost, he’d jokingly get angry at the part where I mentioned giving up Husker football.

Watching the video yesterday, during the service, I was pleased to hear the response. I put in some laugh lines to break up the video a bit, and the crowd laughed heartily at them all.

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