I’ve been out of the office the past two days due to being sick. I’ve had the flu. All last week I had some symptoms, but I thought it was just allergies. No, I was laid low over the weekend, and I’m still recovering.

I’ve always had sinus and respiratory issues. When I was younger I always had ear infections. I had tubes put in my ears three different times to help out. I was told that at one point I had 40% hearing loss due to my constant ear infections. I think I was always on Amoxicillin as a kid. At least, it seemed like that was the case.

I hate being sick. I think it’s because when I get sick I get laid out for a few days.

Jana, Duncan and I have all been sick the past few days. Duncan has been sick for awhile, battling a number of respiratory things. And, of course, Liam is getting over mono. We could use some prayers for good health!

Hopefully, I’m done with the flu for this season.

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