Last year, I did a ranking of Pixar films from 10 to 1. Since then, there’s been a new Pixar film released, and I’ve had some changes to my rankings. I’m thinking about this as Liam, Duncan and I are watching Cars at the moment. (Duncan and I are sick.)

Previous Rankings

10. Cars
9. Finding Nemo
8. Monsters, Inc.
7. A Bug’s Life
6. The Incredibles
5. Up
4. Ratatouille
3. Toy Story
2. Wall-E
1. Toy Story 2
Here are the updated rankings, with perhaps a few surprises. I will say my boys have had an influence in where some of these films are now ranked. I won’t add much of an explanation like last time.

11. Finding Nemo – This is a film I enjoyed at the time, but have not had any desire to watch since. A film not being re-watchable isn’t always a sign it’s a bad film. I just think there are better Pixar films. Plus, it’s the one Pixar film my boys are indifferent to, even if they call every clown fish “Nemo”.
10. A Bug’s Life – I still think this is a good film. It validated Pixar as a feature film company. My boys don’t mind it. I think the other Pixar films are better.
9. Cars – I’ve moved this up because of my boys. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched this film countless times now, but on most days it’s my boys’ favorite Pixar film. I also now appreciate the genius of it being geared toward a younger demographic. I think they’re still releasing licensed toys from the film, pulling a Star Wars act wtih it. My boys can sing some of the songs that are played in the film, and when they see cars around town they’ll call them by a Cars‘ character name. If my boys get hooked on Pixar, it will be because of this film. Liam and Duncan can’t wait to see the sequel that comes out next summer.
8. Monsters, Inc. – I watched this recently with my boys, and I came to appreciate it more. Maybe it’s because I’m a dad now and I can appreciate Sulley’s bond with Boo. I was surprised my boys sat through it without making a peep. They remember the characters, and ask about the funny sounding monster. (Roz) I’m looking forward to the sequel, as I’m sure my boys are now.
7. The Incredibles – Not much to add from last time. Great film, I like the family dynamics and the need for a “call” on someone’s life, but I think the other films are better. Last time I wasn’t sure if The Incredibles should have been ranked so low. Now I think it’s right.
(Here’s where I’d separate the quality of the Pixar films with me. I feel bad where some of them ranked because they are such great films. But, no ties in my rankings. That’s the cheap way out.)
6. Ratatouille – I’m still amazed at the originality of this film’s concept. A rat that cooks. I would like to have been in the meeting when this concept was first pitched. Unlike Cars, which has built-in merchandising with cars, there’s nothing like that with this film. This film works on its merits alone.
5. Up – I was tempted to rate this higher, and perhaps a year from now I might, but it’s at #5 for now. A film that surprised me with how “adult” it was in its themes.
4. Toy Story – A classic.
3. Wall-E – An amazing film that deserved an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. It getting shunned was one of the reasons the list of nominees was expanded the following year.
2. Toy Story 2 – As I’ve stated before, this film was the one that cemented me as a rabid Pixar fan. One of the few times a sequel is better than the first film. How could it be topped? Well…
1. Toy Story 3 – And in my mind it’s without a doubt the best. It’s my favorite film of all-time. In one sense, I’d like to rate all the Toy Story films as one film/story. The writing was pitch perfect. It had been awhile since these characters had been revisited, and yet it was as if the other films came out the previous year. The film hit every thought, feeling and emotion. Part of me hopes they never revisit Toy Story in a feature film again, because I thought the ending was perfect. However, Pixar has shown they can handle the sequel business. There has been word that the characters will appear again in some form, probably short animations.

I saw the film on my birthday with Jana and Liam. It was Liam’s first film to watch in the theater. Added sentiment to a story that is already sentimental with me.

Liam, along with Duncan, like the Toy Story films and toys. They like pulling out my old Toy Story Happy Meal toys and playing with them. And, if you ever say, “Well hello there,” you’ll get Duncan to quote some of the movie to you. (I bought it on cd so we could listen to it on our road trip to Ohio earlier in the summer.)

I’m sure the rankings will change in a few years, but I doubt Toy Story 3 is knocked out of the top spot.

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