Here’s the latest Double Your Impact video which explores the legacy and history of Christ Community Church. (If the video doesn’t appear, click here.)

This video was fun to work on throughout it. Some of us on the team had referred to the guys on this video as “dudes”. (AND, we were endearing when we called them “dudes”!) We all had a great amount of respect for these individuals. Their commitment, and what they’ve given to CCC over the years, is inspiring. (Not just financial giving, but giving of their time and talents.) Hearing their stories was amazing. I remember the interview with Paul Andreas, the gentleman who sings and jokes in the video, and he would tell story after story during the interview.

I’ve worked with Bob Price on a few projects, and was a part of a Bio-Ethics Committee with Jim Jensen, and these men are legit. CCC is blessed to have men and women like these in the video. I hope the next generations of CCC can have a legacy like the generation highlighted in this video.

Jay Castillo did great work in putting this video together. (Thanks Jay!)

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