Baby Murphy at 8 weeks, taken August 18.
Well, as you can tell from the photo, we are pregnant again. This probably isn’t a surprise to many of you since you probably knew we wanted another baby, and many of you told us that we’d have more kids since we “like kids”. (I always find that funny. Jana and I “like kids” since we want to have more than two kids. What does that means for the parents who have two kids or less? They just tolerate the kids, I guess.)
Remember my post awhile back about how I was ready for the fall? I listed out a number of things that happened to us that lead me to have a bit of a meltdown. What I didn’t say in the post was I knew we were pregnant. In the midst of all the car and money issues, I knew we had another baby on the way. When Liam was sick with mono, Jana was sick as well. It all added to the stress. “How am I going to provide for this baby? Will we have a car? How can I help Jana?” When I said I literally had to take things one day at a time, I did. God helped me calm down during that time.
The joy is there, though. We were ready for another baby. The boys are excited to have a baby brother or sister. Liam even announced it to his Sunday School class. The boys don’t care if it’s a boy or girl, they just want the baby to come so they can play with it. (They even got to hear the heartbeat today.)
So, Baby Murphy #3 is on the way. I think Steve Walters said it best when I told him recently. “You now go from a man-to-man defense to a zone defense”. Yes, that’s something I can understand.

(What I don’t understand? Those people who seem to initiate every conversation by asking if Jana is pregnant. Some of you I know mean well, but some of you need to get a clue and mind your own business. You really do put is in an awkward position when it’s really early on in the pregnancy and we haven’t told our families yet. Just sayin’…)
Obviously, we’d appreciate your prayers throughout the pregnancy. Of course, pray for the health of the baby and Jana. What else? We could use a new vehicle.
March 28 is the due date. Yes, I am already aware St. Patrick’s Day is also in March. No, the baby being born in March doesn’t make it “more Irish”. (Just a guess, but me being Irish probably has something to do with that.)
When someone freaks out about the baby having to be born a particular day? I pray the baby isn’t born that day. Sounds stupid, right? It is, but I’ve done it with Liam and Duncan when someone is a tad freaky in telling us they hope the baby is born on a certain day.
This is the big news. Jana and I are happy. (Really, I am happy. Honestly! I know I sound like a “grumpy old man” at various points in this post, but I’m ecstatic! Huzzah!) We don’t care if it’s a boy or girl. We’re praying for a healthy baby. When we know the sex of the baby, we’ll let you know.

3 thoughts on “One More Thing…

  1. I have to laugh, July 20, was like the only day we did not want Stephen to be born on because it is our anniversary. Several days before he was born Nathan asked me what I thought the odds of that happening would be, I said “pshaw, not likely to happen at all, like one in a million” Nathan then reminded me more like 1 in 365. Of course, then he was born on our anniversary…


  2. Jana reminded me of Stephen being on your anniversary after I wrote the post. So if that's the case, the baby will be born on St. Patrick's Day and it will be name Patrick O'Patrick Murphy.


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