Busy, busy, busy. I knew it would be for this month, but still acknowledging it. Doing a little work while enjoying some dinner…

Currently producing two animations. Well, I call it “cheating animation” when I use Keynote to produce the animations. One of the videos shows the historical spread of Christianity. This has been a lot of guesswork as I’ve been reading various Wikipedia articles on countries and trying to find out when Christianity came to their nation. The other video is on giving and how by making some simple sacrifices one can give more money than they realize to Double Your Impact. As always, part of the fun is picking music. Right now, the gospel advance video has music by Daft Punk. That video could change to just slides, which would probably work better for how it will be used. I’ll just have to use Daft Punk some other time.

The launch of Double Your Impact has gone really well at Christ Community Church. There have been a number of events and projects with it that have taken up my time, but it’s well worth it. One example is from this past Sunday. It was an event for the family, and Liam and Duncan had an absolute blast. Animals were present at the event, like an alligator, desert fox and lemur. Liam had been counting down the days till the event because he was so excited. Jana and I enjoyed spending time with other young families at the church.

I was going to comment about politics, but then I realized I don’t care that much. Well, I don’t care as much as the fringe on the right and left. Plus, some of you care much more than I do. Some of you will agree wholeheartedly with what I was going to say, while others will think I’m an idiot for thinking such a thing. If I’m going to bring about that kind of reaction and response, I’d rather have it be over something I care more about.

It may have been one of the smallest severe thunderstorms ever, but our house was at the eye of the storm last night when it hit. I couldn’t even see the yard at one point due to the driving rain and hail. I took some video during it, which I’ll post if it turned out okay. Here’s a pic of the sky in the aftermath.

Been watching the first season of Friday Night Lights. In my opinion, the first season of that show has been more enjoyable than the final season of Lost.

Huskers prediction: Nebraska beats Washington 31-17.

Big announcement coming on the blog…

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