Lead Pastor Mark praying with the CCC Elders.

Double Your Impact started off as an idea, but even that may be over-stating how it all began. Two years ago, the elders were discussing Christ Community Church and what God’s vision was for CCC for the next few years. A conversation started. What are we trying to do with the facilities here at Old Mill? What are we trying to do with multi-site? How are we going to reach the city? What are we trying to do around the world?

Ideas poured forth. They began looking at resources, people, cost-effectiveness, and how CCC could have the greatest impact. The elders realized God was calling them to…something.

God was moving them down a path. As the elders started adding and cutting things, a picture started to evolve as to where they were headed. Discussions then began happening with other groups. Lead Pastor Mark talked with the Management Team and staff about this developing vision. He listened to the congregation at open forum meetings and congregational meetings. The vision began to take shape. What if everyone at Christ Community Church reached one person in the next five years? It was an idea that took root. Double your impact.

I first heard about Double Your Impact at a Staff Development meeting. It was September 25, 2008. While some of the specifics still had to be worked out, a lot of it sounded familiar to what Lead Pastor Mark has been talked about at the Double Your Impact Launch.

  • Omaha area’s population is growing, but church attendance is decreasing.
  • CCC is in a great position (location) to reach Omaha.
  • We could ride the wave of the past and coast into the sunset, but we won’t do that.
  • The cost would be tens of millions of dollars to buy land, build a new facility and move the church.
  • We are to double impact in the next five years.

I wasn’t sure what it all meant at the time, nor had any idea how it would happen, but I was excited because God was calling CCC to something new. Double Your Impact. Maybe it’s my missionary past, but I was ready for the upcoming adventure.

Throughout 2009, conversations continued on about Double Your Impact. The original plan was to launch in the fall of 2009. Mark, the elders and the Management Team were praying and seeking out the particulars with it.

On February 26, 2009, Mark went into detail with the staff and church about specifics regarding Double Your Impact. The staff found out earlier in the day, before the Annual Business Meeting, so we could talk with people and answer any questions they had after the meeting.

(Once again, in looking back on my notes, it’s cool to see how similar it is between what Mark said in February 2009 with what was affirmed in August 2010. Mark has been consistent throughout this.)

One thing Mark discussed in detail was not allowing the status quo to settle into CCC. He wanted to honor the legacy of R.R. Brown and not just let CCC slowly drift away from relevance and impact in Omaha. He wanted to make sure we had a standard of excellence with the facility, multisite and international partners. We weren’t pursuing Double Your Impact to make ourselves feel better and show off our improved facility, but it was all about doing our best so people in Omaha and around the world could be reached for Jesus.

What was Double Your Impact in February 2009? Within five years we’d have:

  • 6,000 in attendance on Sunday mornings at CCC campuses.
  • 4 additional campuses in Omaha area.
  • 300-600 baptisms.
  • Double missions giving.
  • Old Mill facility improvements that last another 20 years.
  • Final cost could be 13 millions dollars.

(Okay, so the price ended up being wrong, but I think we’re all okay with that.)

I was stoked when I heard the details. Why? I think deep down we all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. As a follower of Jesus, I want to help people know Jesus and see their lives restored and transformed. I knew it would be a process to raise millions of dollars, but I never focused in on that. I saw the possibilities of what Double Your Impact could do to change CCC, Omaha, China, Mali and so much more. I was ready to dive in.

As the year continued, I kept hearing more and more about Double Your Impact. At a June 25, 2009 Staff Development meeting I heard the 3M’s as it related to Double Your Impact.

  • Maximize Campus Impact
  • Multiply Citywide Impact
  • Magnify International Impact

As staff, we were instructed that our top priority was Double Your Impact. We were ready.

Of course, it was with some sadness that we pushed pause on the campaign two months later. It was an August staff meeting where Mark discussed with us the finances of the church. The economy had tanked and CCC members and attenders were hit hard by it. Giving was down. One of the more serious staff meetings (It was also addressed that staff cuts were a possibility if giving didn’t improve. A bit sobering.)

Mark, the elders and Management Team were praying a lot regarding Double Your Impact. They never wavered on CCC being called to pursue the vision of Double Your Impact, but they rightly believed that 2009 was not the time to launch.

Even though I was disappointed at the time, it was the right call. Looking back on that time, the extra year allowed CCC and its people to weather the worst of the economic downturn. (Giving rebounded and nobody was laid off.) It also provided additional time for Mark, the elders and staff to share more about Double Your Impact with people. As staff, it gave us more time to plan and prepare so we could be at our best when it launched.

In November 2009, the staff heard we’d be reengaging with Double Your Impact in early 2010. The campaign would begin on October 10, 2010. (10.10.10) There were no expectations of pausing the campaign again. Me? I was excited…again.

Throughout 2010, I’ve been working on Double Your Impact in some capacity with my work. I’ve helped pull together and produce stories that have been shown during the Sunday services. I’ve been encouraged by the stories, seeing and hearing God’s impact through CCC over the years. It makes me realize that more stories of impact are coming over the next five years.

One of my favorite Double Your Impact stories was hearing from Dr. Brett MacLean and hearing about the impact the Hospital for Women and Children was having in Koutiala, Mali.

Double Your Impact – Mali Pediatrics from CCC Omaha on Vimeo.

I watched that video and begin to think and dream, “What stories are going to be comparable to the Mali Hospital in five years?” I can’t wait to see.

So now CCC has affirmed the vision of Double Your Impact. Now what? The hard and rewarding part. Thomas Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration”. The idea of Double Your Impact is great, but it will not happen on its own. The work ahead may seem hard, but then I think about people coming to know Jesus, babies being born in Mali, pastors being trained in China, CCC being a city on a hill to the people of Omaha.

Let the adventure begin.

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