Some of you know of my fondness for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. (I’ve lost track of how many different pint cartons I’ve saved over the years. It’s over 100.) One of their latest flavors is in my Top 5 for Ben & Jerry’s flavors. Berry Voluntary. It’s an exclusive flavor at Target. Get some and enjoy.

I really get into Fantasy Football. One reason why I do is because I don’t have a favorite NFL team. Makes it easy, unlike in Fantasy Baseball where I refuse to pick Yankees’ players.

Nice to have Liam asking to go outside and do things again, like going on a walk. Of course, he’s also asking to play Nintendo Wii Sports.

Saw Scott Pilgrim Vs The World last week. Great idea and concept, enjoyed a number of scenes, but I don’t think it executed as well as I’d hoped in its entirety. Jana really liked it, though. I’m guessing if I read the graphic novels I’d like those more.

I’m looking forward to KANEKO’s Great Minds Series again. In particular, I want to attend the Josh Cooley event. He is a creative for Pixar, having worked on Cars, Up, and Ratatouille.

That’s all for now. More posts on the way…

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