When it rained non-stop one day last week, I was stoked. It reminded me of two things I am more adamant about as I get older. I love fall, and I hate summer.

This past summer can’t end soon enough for me. I’ve felt like I’ve been spinning my wheels for weeks. It’s been a combination of things. I don’t like the heat and my allergies flare up are two consistent summer things. It’s also been hard to have consistency. In late June, Jana and the boys went to visit friends in Colorado for a week. More and more, I just don’t function well when my family is not around. I don’t like being home alone and I miss family. It’s fun for a day because you can sleep in and go do things, but after that day I hate having them gone.

After they came back from Colorado, we drove to Ohio to see Jana’s family. It’s always good to see family, and the boys had a great time. It wasn’t relaxing for me, though. I joked that I felt like I was chaperoning a field trip. Was it good to see family? Of course. Was it relaxing? Not as much as I hoped. Toward the end of the trip, Liam seemed to be asking every thirty minutes if we could go back to Omaha. It seemed odd, but then we soon knew why.

Once we came back to Omaha, Liam became sick with mono. It was tough. Liam was confined to the house for two weeks, which confined Jana as well. It was hard to see him deal with mono. And, we just hung out at home every night.

In July, we also had $1,000 in car bills, and the AC in the car went out. We decided to not repair the AC since it would cost us $1,200, and we were already tight on finances with the car repairs and trip to Ohio. (Tight is an understatement.)

What else? Well, August is the busy time of year for Jana with her MOPS leadership responsibilities. (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers) Work has been busy most of the summer as CCC readied for the launch of Double Your Impact. (It launched this past Sunday.) There are other developments as well that happened in August, which are good, but just take time and energy. (I’ll explain later.)

All of this, and more, seemed to sap the energy and motivation from me at times. (Did I mention I hate the heat and have allergy issues during the summer? Yes? Carry on…) There were a few days where I was praying that God would help me take things “one day at a time”. It was cool to see God provide in big and little ways during that time period.

I keep saying I’ll be blogging more, but it’s on my agenda. There are a few things from this past summer I’ll go into more detail about, and I want to expand upon Double Your Impact.

Nevertheless, we’re ready for fall. Well, perhaps I shouldn’t speak for Jana. I’m ready for fall.

It’s my favorite time of the year, October 1 through December 31. I’m ready for cool weather, the various holidays and Husker football. I’m ready for snow and holiday shows and music. I’m ready for what awaits in life and work. (The launch of Double Your Impact has me excited.)

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