Filming Lead Pastor Mark on the “Double Your Impact set” yesterday.

Yesterday, we finished shooting our last Double Your Impact video that will lead-in to the Double Your Impact launch on October 10 (10.10.10). Most of the year, Jay, Nick, Jen and myself have been working on these videos in some capacity. I believe the first one aired in March, but we’ve been working on them since the beginning of February.

Jay and I went to the set this morning, which is in back of the Access venue stage, and disassembled some of the equipment. Kind of hard to fathom it’s over. At one point in June, I was producing four different Double Your Impact videos and it seemed like it would never end.

The next few weeks there will still be Double Your Impact videos played in services, and in September (I think) they will be some of the best videos yet.

My favorite Double Your Impact video (that has aired) is the Mali Pediatrics. (Click here if the video doesn’t appear.)

Hope you have enjoyed the videos so far, and will enjoy these last few that will air during the Double Your Impact message series.

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