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For most of the year, CCC has been going through the book of Philippians. It’s been solid. I’ve taken pages of notes, like always. What do I also note? The funny and quirky things said and done by Lead Pastor Mark Ashton during his messages.

I believe I started noting Mark’s funny (or not-so-funny) antics during the Defining Moments series in the fall of 2008. Why? Well, even back then I thought it would make for a fun mashup at some point.

When I heard leadership wanted a recap of the Philippians message series, I knew I wouldn’t have to look too hard for material. I already had noted all the funny and bizarre things Mark said and did. (And, of course, things that would be funny if taken out of context.) The problem? I had way too much to choose from for a three minute video.

My desk as I work on the Philippians Recap video.

The best part about this project is Mark can laugh along with it. It’s one of many reasons why I’m glad he’s the Lead Pastor here. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and I think for some it gets in the way of them not realizing how great a teacher he is. He has a way of connecting people with Jesus and teachings/principles from the Bible.

When I showed the first rough cut to Mark, he laughed at the various funny parts. His only complaint? He thought there should be more. So, I dropped some of the serious stuff and added more fun. (While there may have been a number of funny clips to use, there were 50x more serious clips of Mark “droppin’ knowledge” from Philippians.)

It was a fun project to work on. I’m glad people responded to it well. (Although, there were some in the crowd that seemed to laugh nervously at points. Understandable.)

If there’s ever a video that reflects on Mark’s time at CCC, I’m sure I’ll be asked to help in some capacity.

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