I’m stoked by the rainy day. I don’t like the heat and humidity at all. (Granted, this rain may lead to unbearable humidity if it gets hot again.) Bring on the fall.

Bring on college football as well.

Jana and I were going over our schedules for the next two months, and it’s already filling up. With the campaign preparation in full swing at work, it fills the days. It’s exciting, though. I’m excited to see what takes place over the next two months as campaign events happen and a new message series starts that coincides with the campaign launch.

I read a post over the weekend where Andy Roddick announced he’s been battling mono the past few months. This made me feel good, since Liam has been battling it for a few weeks. Liam has improved greatly, but he still has moments where he just doesn’t seem himself. Reading about Andy Roddick’s struggles, and Roger Federer’s struggles with mono awhile back, remind me that Liam will have a few more weeks of just dealing with it in varying capacities. If Roddick and the best tennis player ever (Federer) have physical issues with mono for extended periods, then Liam will as well. It’s good to know.

I’m currently selling my iPad on eBay. The iPad is nice, it’s been a great toy, but it’s not necessary to my daily life. Jana and I were deluged with expenses in July. (Spent $1000 on car repairs alone that month.) I charged a lot to the credit card, and I’ll be able to pay off a lot of that now. Liam and Duncan will miss it as well, but I’m sure we’ll manage. Would I be selling it if I didn’t have the expenses? Well, the plan was to always sell it when the next iPad came out. I’m guessing the next generation iPad will have some of the features I was hoping this first generation model would have.

Curry fries and mayo hit the spot today. Back to work.

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